Attic storage ideas can help us convert the dank and gloomy attic into a convenient. Attics are often unnoticed and neglected inside most homes since they are the least favorite part of the house. Unfinished attic storage ideas can be a game changer.

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Usually, we just dump our stuff in this room, and forget about it. If you have a dirty, clamped-up attic and are looking to switch things up, you came to the right place. In this post, I’m going to share my top 10 cool hacks of making the attic a storage space, tips on making it more efficient for you and your family!

It’s wise to know you attic type before making any plans.

Over time, we tend to collect a lot of things that take up space in our home. These may be small items such as tumblers, clothes, and accessories, or more essential items such as desks, kitchenware, or collections from our favorite hobbies. Whatever the case, these particular everyday objects will eventually lose their relevance inside our home. When the time comes that we are ready to replace them, but we still want to keep them for preservation or emergencies, the attic is the first thing that should come to your mind.

  • Ease Up Your Staircase
  • Stock The Walls First
  • Lift Up Your Drawers
  • Utilize Transparent Bins
  • Do Not Neglect Your Ceiling
  • Small Hooks Can Provide A Lot
  • Segment Each Season Or Special Event
  • Install A Few Rods For Hanging Perfection
  • Shelf It Up
  • Manage Your Floor Space

To make things easier for you every time you are stacking things up there, here are the step by step guide and ideas of making your unfinished attic into a storage space.

replace the attic stair
Step 01.

Ease Up Your Staircase

The initial idea of placing things in your attic is demotivating at first, especially if you have a staircase to climb back and forth to. You can work on this aspect first by making a foolproof system to deliver your packages up there. Get a automatic attic stair if possible. Here’s my recommended electronic attic ladder review. By designing an easily accessible special lift, you can easily carry your boxes without exerting too much effort. This way, your experience will be much more comfortable, and you won’t have to deal with frustrating back pains.

attic wall storage
Step 02.

Stock the Walls First

Some people just lug their stuff on their attics without even thinking about it. If you want to be smart about your storage space, you should stock these items by the walls first. It makes everything a bit more systematic, which means your attic would look neater and much cooler. Besides, this will make things easier to move around.

Lift Up Attic Drawers
Step 03.

Lift Up Your Drawers

Who said that your drawers should only stick to the ground? If you want to save more space, lift these compartments up by the ceiling! You could place a lot of smaller items in them, and you will get to stack more things on your floor area.

transparent bin for attic storage
Step 04.

Utilize Transparent Bins

(and Label Them)

You don’t just go around throwing your stuff inside the attic without an organizational plan in mind. Before placing things up there, you can put them inside transparent bins first, making them easier to recognize whenever you are looking for them. Do not forget to label these bins according to their respective owners’ names, events, or seasonal relevance.

attic ceiling hook
Step 05.

Do Not Neglect Your Ceiling

Your ceilings can be utilized for more storage. Besides installing extra drawers, you can create some hanging system up there so you can stock more boxes/bins on your attic. Again, this will do a lot when it comes to storage space, and all you need to make sure of is that you won’t bump your head on these things every time you go up there.

small hooks for attic storage
Step 06.

Small Hooks Can Provide a Lot

Do not underestimate small hooks. They can hold items twice their size, and if you install them correctly, they can even hold a box or two. You have to tickle your imagination and creativity for a bit, and these bad boys will get a lot of work done in the long run. If you don’t know where to place them, you can start by doing it between the rafters.

christmas in attic
Step 07.

Segment Each Season or Special Event

When you are piling your items into different boxes, consider the seasons or events wherein you are utilizing them. Label your bins according to each season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) or event (Birthdays, Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) to make sure that you won’t get your stuff mixed up. You could also place these items on different corners of the attic room so that whenever you will come looking for them, you can go to that specific spot where you stacked the boxes/bins.

hanging clothes in attic
Step 08.

Install a Few Rods for Hanging Perfection

Some clothes are just too poofy or bulky to make our wardrobe feel kind of claustrophobic. If you are planning to stock them somewhere else, you can install a few rods on your attic to hang them, especially if you won’t be needing them anytime soon. This will certainly provide more space for your other clothes, and it is a more reliable option if you do not like to give your stuff away just yet.

attic storage shelves
Step 09.

Shelf It Up

Additional shelves around your attic can prove to be a significant twist when it comes to storage management. Install one or two of these in the room, and before you know it, you will have a more spacious and well-planned storage area up to your house.

attic storage shelves
Step 10.

Manage Your Floor Space

When you are done stacking things up the sides of your attic room, it is now time to manage your floor space. As much as possible, you will need to have enough room for you to move in. An ideal tactic is to place your items on the sides first, and when that’s still not enough, utilize the corner areas next. This will give you enough room to move while looking for older stuff, and you won’t have to squeeze into tight spaces since the middle area will be a good enough vantage point.

Last Words

Before you fill your attic with tons of things, make sure that you have a storage plan first. Follow these steps to make your attic storage space. You will have an easier time organizing your items by the time you are done. You can start with this process in more manageable approach if you haven’t utilized your attic yet. If you have cluttered this room already, well, it’s never too late to mix things up! Hope these steps and unfinished attic storage ideas comes handy for you.

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