What does a person usually notice when they enter your house? Is it your living room? Your kitchen? Or maybe the dining area?

These are pretty common sightings when someone comes over. If you want a creative home, try sprucing up the area under your stairs. If you don’t know how to do this, you don’t have to worry! Take a look at these under stairs closet storage ideas for a head start.

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natural wood under stairs closet storage ideas

Staircases are delicate places, even as a storage area. If you want to prevent complications, keep it natural! This idea from Lenka Lakoma proudly says it all. Just keep the natural wood in there, and let the thing work for itself.

Image source: Lenka Lakoma


mood lighting for under stairs closet storage ideas

This is an amazing idea from Create your perfect world on Indulgy. You can always expect something good out of mood lighting. If you are working on a tight budget, you can try this out. Excellent lighting instantly makes things better, whether you believe it or not.

Image source: Create your perfect world on Indulgy

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aesthetic wallpaper for under stair closet

Using wallpaper can instantly glam up your under stairs storage. Just take a look at this idea from Hometalk. The area seemed a lot more pleasing with the simple details. If you want to start simple, buy some wallpaper.

Image source: Hometalk


trap door style for under stair closet

Some people are fans of unique entrances, mostly because of movies. In this photo from BuzzFeed, the storage is built with a trap door. It’s not technically a trap, but it does look good! You can do this to freak people out too.

Image source: BuzzFeed


sliding covers for under stair closet

Another thing that makes staircase storages so good is their covers. In this photo from Living in a shoebox, the sliding covers completed the look. They are designed in a way that promotes the stairs’ aesthetic. The entire thing highlights the key items of the shelves, which makes it better.

Image source: Living in a shoebox

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retractable stairs as under stair closet

Another excellent idea from Tracy Boyd is the use of retractable stairs. It is effective if you want to use the space underneath as a basement. That way, you can store your old things there without hassle. Just be careful when you are handling this, though.

Image source: Tracy Boyd


well placed hanging hooks for under stair closet

Homedit.com promoted another idea for our under stairs storage. It is an amazing help for those who have a lot of coats or jackets. If you don’t know where to hang them, do it here! You can use well-placed hanging hooks to organize them efficiently.

Image source: Homedit.com


minimal storage for under stair closet

When you don’t have a lot of stuff, you don’t need a lot of space. That’s why minimal storage is also ideal under the stairs. Take a look at this idea from Tracy Boyd. By keeping the closet space compact, you can still promote aesthetics.

Image source: Tracy Boyd

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plastic bins for under stair closet

If you want to do this efficiently, g3st4m4 has a good idea. Instead of bending over backward for materials, work smart with plastic bins! They are way cheaper and more efficient. Stick a few of these under your staircase, and get nice closet storage.

Image source: g3st4m4


utilize each step in under stair closet

Have you ever seen something so surprising before? With Homedit.com’s idea, you’re going to get just that. By using each step on your stairs, you will get a well-placed storage area. You could even surprise your guests with this handy trick.

Image source: Homedit.com


use the excess room for under stair closet

You don’t always have to be literally “under the stairs.” Sometimes, the space outside is good enough. Take a look at this idea from carrollcountyconstruction. You’ll get a nice area just by having a bench and a hanging rack there.

Image source: carrollcountyconstruction

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maximize your space for under stair closet

You have to be smart when designing your closet storage space. It is important because you are going to need the space under your stairs. Just look at verityrhodesinteriors’ post. Even with a stylish area, she still utilized the space well.

Image source: verityrhodesinteriors


transparent design for under stair closet

If you want you’re under stairs closet to stand out, do it literally! Show your guests what you have by making your walls transparent if you don’t know how to check out this idea from soldbyremaxsteve. Combine the glass with black frames, and your staircase will look classy.

Image source: soldbyremaxsteve


dark wood for under stair closet

Dark wood is the signature look for fancier settings. Just check out this photo from minastaplesinteriors. By combining the dark wood with the light paint, everything looked more sophisticated. Just try it out and see the results yourself.

Image source: minastaplesinteriors

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minimalist pull out under stair closet

Another good idea for your staircase is a pull-out closet. The only thing that you need to remember is to keep it minimal. Try this idea out from yycrealtormandy. Just place your daily essentials in there, and you’re all good!

Image source: yycrealtormandy


artistic staircase for under stair closet

Modern houses come with excellent interior designs. If you want a stunning staircase, try jangir_decor’s idea. Instead of getting separate compartments, you can use the stairs itself. It would also look better if you got a unique design like this one.

Image source: jangir_decor


triple drawers for under stair closet

Drawers are one of the most basic storage options you could consider. In this photo from lmade.elegant.living, we can see that the drawers are well-placed. The stairs are colored black and white, looking simple altogether. To make the drawers stand out, the handles are colored black as well.

Image source: lmade.elegant.living

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linear compartments for under stair closet

With a few pieces of plywood, you can make your staircases a lot classier. Take a look at this photo from theplyhouse. By having a few customized plywood boxes lined up, you can have awesome-looking compartments. Just look at how they spruced up the entire place!

Image source: theplyhouse

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stylish shelves for under stair closet

Another awesome idea for your staircase is shelves. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, check out this photo from timberrevival. Add space on your staircase by outlining it with woodwork. After that, attach some wooden planks, and you’ll have personalized shelves.

Image source: timberrevival


pull out storage as under stair closet

The easiest thing you can do under your stairs is pull-out storage. Just check out this awesome idea from decoist. Their design is quite simple and practical. Just align it with the staircase, attach some steel handles, and done!

Image source: decoist

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Last Words

The space under our staircase is usually bland or boring. Thanks to these amazing ideas, it won’t be that way any longer! Check them out to see what style would suit your house best. After finding the right design, you can work on it right away. Here some more inspirations you might find helpful.

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