Vince Santos, owner and operator of a Michigan Based Home Inspection company StepByStep Home Services Lc, asked this interesting question in a Home Inspection Forum. Let’s find out what other fellow home inspectors have to say about a snake on the roof.

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snake on the roof

Charlie Priest, Owner and founder of Tennessee Inspection Services, LLC says, “Scare away birds. I see it all the time with carports and decks.” Trey Williams agrees wth Charlie, “Keep birds from building a nest on that corner” and added, “And to scare the begeezus out of home inspectors.”

Mathew H. Irvine from Stellar Home Inspection, LLC also accords with the bird theory.
Rose Buckley of US Inspect responded “I had a client who put about five snakes on their roof like that. They claimed it kept birds and squirrels away.”

Batten To Beam Inspections, LLC. owner Rick Graff’s reply was a bit in the funny side, “For the same reason my grandson put one in my bed the other night when he was sleeping over just to see my reaction.”

Bryan Smith followed Rick’s sarcastic path and said, “My luck it would be right where I put my ladder and I would pull a Clark Griswold.”

Rick again responded, “Did they caulk the nail head that used for attaching a snake because there’s the real defect.”

Jeremy Heitland said I use them to keep birds from crapping on my patio. They won’t fly over the snakes. Near the garage to keep my driveway clear.

Joe Varnell added, “Keeps Carpenter bees away. We have them all over our log cabin. Depends on the big your trying to get rid of.”

So to sum up, the plastic snake on the roof is not to scare away the home inspector or roofing contractor. This is a trick to scare away birds, squirrels, raccoons, bees and all other pests from the roof.

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