Starting a Home Inspection Business from Scratch – Home Inspection Business Plan

starting a home inspection business

Starting a home inspection business is no different from starting any new business. As an entrepreneur, you have to draw up a business plan for your home inspection business. You need to research and comply with government regulations specific to the industry and the state or country you reside in. Depending on the market, the average struggling …

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Who Invented the Ladder (For Going Up or Getting Down?)

who invented the ladder

Who invented the ladder is a question that doesn’t have any certain answer yet. Master carpenter John.H.Balsley from Connellsville, Pennsylvania, holds the patent for wooden folding step ladder and safety stepladder.

FAKRO Attic Ladder Reviews

Best Insulated Attic Ladder – FAKRO LWP 66804 Review Best Fire Rated Attic Ladder FAKRO LSF 66859 Review

North American House Types 101

north american house types

North American House types are influenced by time and the inhabitants. Craftsman, Prairie, Foursquare, Bungalow, Ranch, Colonial, Contemporary, Hogan, Florida Cracker, Flounder, Pacific Lodge, Rustic, Shingle, Stick Style, Cape Cod and Conch are most common types among others. Each variety of North American Houses has its distinct characteristics. Suppose I use certain materials to build …

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10 Top Mistakes of Home Inspectors

top mistakes of home inspectors

A home inspection aims to identify any defects within specific components and systems of a residential property. The process is vital for both home buyers and sellers. About 86 percent of these inspections identify at least one problem. Explore: Top attic ladders I recommended. Home inspections are mostly based on inspectors’ observation on the inspection …

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