The home inspector career is so fulfilling! It’s an honor for me to share my career journey with you. I spend my schedule day in the office and the field. It takes a lot and gives a lot more.

Marketing and networking are essential for the job. No wonder I have to do bookkeeping and report writing too. Spending time with family is rewarding. But, balancing work and family time is always dwelling. Hold on; I’m about to tell you the secret.

It wasn’t a walk in the park. I had to put my energy and focus into my job. Determination and hard work paid off.

  • Worked as a cleaner

My mom raised me. I’ve lost my dad in high school. The struggle was real! Being the firstborn of my 5 siblings, I was affected emotionally and financially. I left private school and got admitted to a public school.

Family income was not stable, forced me to do odd jobs to help my family. I found liberation through hard work. I paid my school fees but needed more to support my family and complete my study. What would you have done if you were in my shoes?

I passed with good grades. But couldn’t join college immediately.

An inspection firm employed me as a cleaner. Reporting time was 6:00 am. Cleaning took me around 1 hour. The staff would come in at 8:00. During the day, the owner used to send me to run errands for him. I delivered reports for clients who need a hard copy. In the evenings, we were the last to leave the office.

I used the mingle income I made to clear the school fees. The owner of the firm noticed my commitment. I was promoted to head cleaner. That brought extra income but more responsibilities. I used to accompany the firm owner to the field during inspections. I don’t know, guess that was the time I developed an interest in home inspection.

I observed the firm owner doing home inspections and preparing reports. He spoke highly of his love for the career. He was perfect with every detail. With each passing day, my desire to pursue a career in home inspections grew. I don’t know where to start. But I purposed to work towards a noble this career. Refused to limit me.

As fate would have it, the business owner had a road accident. It was terrible that he went into a coma. The firm collapsed, and I was on the street again!

  • Employed in a call center

My dreams were shattered, again! I walked from office to office, looking for a job, any job. Fortunately, I got in a call center. The company sells ladder. It’s a tough job. Most customers were dissatisfied; after all, nobody calls the service center for praising the product or service. I approached them with a positive mindset and handled their complaints with care.

Job satisfaction was a fairy tale. The clients were angry and cursing at us. Most of my colleagues snapped and left the job. I stayed cause I needed the money. I decided to become the best agent. I spent some time in the library and studied about improving my customer service skills. With time and dedication, I started understanding the trade of dealing with angry customers.

Customers are kings and should be appropriately handled. I decided to be patient with them. After all, patience pays.

The tips I learned have been working for me to this day.

I started saving for my college. Developed a culture in savings. Budgeting and tracking on my spendings became a lifestyle. Finally, I made it.

  • Pursued further education

I pursued a degree in architecture. It’s an added advantage if you have a course in construction. I continued with my job at the call center. Hence enrolled for online classes. During the day, I had a duty to report. In the evenings, I had to study. Time management was a disaster. It was a tough call but had to stay committed.

Later I joined a training program to pursue home inspection. At this point, I decided to leave the customer service job to seek my passion. A job search began once again. I prepared a resume and applied to many different firms dealing with home inspections.

Thank God, I landed a part-time job. I was started as a part-time home inspector apprentice. My experience with the past company and newly developed people skill helped me a lot. The firm would contact me when it had numerous inspections. At last, My dream was getting a shape!

  • Passed home inspection course and was certified

Studies aren’t enough to work as a home inspector. Certification is key. How did I become certified? I sat in National Home Inspectors Exam, and passed.

Before the exam, I inspected several homes. Later, I prepared reports and submitted them. Remember, I had learned the art and perfected it with time. Practice makes you perfect or even better. Each day is a learning experience.

  • Continued working for the firm

After the exam and licensing, I continued working on the firm. It was harsher this time. My boss didn’t give room for any mistakes. I had to do everything right from walking around the house and taking photos.

After a home inspection, I sent the report to him first. If satisfied, I forwarded it to the client. My employer would appoint another inspector to confirm my findings. That was the routine. I put into practice what I learned.

Hard work and determination paid off; my clients were happy with me. I was honest with my findings. If the house had issues, I pinpointed them. Additionally, if the house was in good condition, I documented it. Referrals streamed in, and I was employed permanently. I couldn’t hide my joy.

  • I developed people skills

I admired the relationship my superiors had with existing clients. People’s skills are crucial in a home inspector career. I worked on my interpersonal skills. You need to stat at some point.

  • Improved Networking Skills

The firm was well established and doing well. Its brand was well known. I focused on quality work, and referrals followed. I believe clients can make the business thrive or fall. Home inspection careers aren’t exceptional.

You have to meet the clients’ needs and make them feel special. Don’t always think about business when you are with your clients; make it personal. Listen to them and share your opinions. Make yourself valuable. Be a part of their life; success will happen.

The home inspection is a diversified career. I act as my own boss, economic freedom and job satisfaction is optimum. Overall like what I do and love being a home inspector. Other influential perks of becoming a home inspector are:

  • Unlimited networking opportunities

I like working with different people. I meet buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and financial institutions daily. Their testimonials and recommendations help me build my business. I enjoy having friendly relations with these people. My networks are getting bigger, and I’m having a good time with them.

  • Working as my boss

I admired the owner of the firm. He had the freedom to plan his working days. As a boss, I operate my business as I see it fit. If overwhelmed by the previous day’s activities, I take a day off. However, Working for myself brings a lot of responsibilities. Time management is a skill I have mastered with time. We have 24 hours in a day. How you utilize time makes the difference.

  • Option to start my firm or seek employment

After my studies, I wasn’t ready to work alone. Bear in mind, the experience was vital. I opted to work under someone to gather knowledge. Does starting your venture in-home inspection sound scary? Please don’t feel pressured. I was in your shoes at one point. That’s why I worked under the umbrella of my former boss. I gained experience in home inspections and doing reports.

  • I can start a firm with little investment

I only need little cash and a few tools to start my business. As the business picks, I can expand at my pace. Are you a new home inspector and wondering where to start? Well, you can start small. Don’t despise humble beginnings. It has worked for me.

  • Offering essential services to the customer

Home is one of the essential elements of our life. It is fulfilling when I help customers make informed decisions. Guided by the photos, I prepare a report to answer questions you may not ask. I highlight the repairs to be done. Furthermore, I make recommendations to make the home come cozy. The feeling is overwhelming.

  • Moderate earning potential

Home inspector pay is attractive. I support my family with the income I make. My children attend the right school, thanks to the decent salary. Still, I have completed personal projects with the pay. The projects generate extra incomes. Hence, I have streams of income. Do you want financial freedom? Try a career in home inspection.

Once a home inspector, always a home inspector. I have a passion for my job, and I’m proud of it. I gained experience and started my firm.

I stated a self-employed home inspector and worked alone for two years. With the savings I had mobilized, I bought the tools and equipment I required then rented a small space to start.

Since my firm was new, I didn’t have a lot of inspections to do. I took advantage of this time and did marketing. I remember those days like yesterday. I would walk from agents to agents doing marketing. I was alone and had to do both office and fieldwork.

Marketing paid off, apart from referrals from satisfied clients. I started receiving calls from potential clients. After some time, my customer base was expanding. I managed each inspection with confidence and expertise.

Finally, I extended my business and employed some employees.

I am nurturing them to be better than me. How will I know I have succeeded? If I meet my clients’ needs and my successors do exceptionally well. I strive to sharpen their skills and bring out their hidden potential.

I undertake home inspector job reviews for my employees regularly. It is essential to evaluate their accomplishment and recommend improvement.

My team and I live on customer values. I invite customer service gurus to teach us about customer service. We get training to turn complaints into compliments. We appreciate customer feedback, both positive and negative.

Once my firm became stable, I joined a home inspection association. I enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get a break from working alone

A home inspection is a solitary job. In most cases, I work alone on the site. On rare occasions, I enjoy the clients’ company at the site. Association calls for meetings regularly. I interact with like minded people. Listen to their stories and share mine. We exchange ideas and encourage each other.

  • Continuous learning opportunities

I attend seminars to learn about new trends in the industry. Change is inevitable. I have to be up to date with all the changes taking place. House construction materials and home features keep on changing. Updating the knowledge is the key to keep me competitive in the sector.

  • I meet fellow home inspectors

We cement working relationships and learn from each other. If I encounter a problematic inspection, a colleague is a phone call away. I stand with my friends in personal and professional issues.

Enough of how I started. Let’s get to it. My days are lengthy and full of activities. Here’s how I usually spend my day.

  • 4:00 : Wake up and exercise

I start my day early. Most of my clients prefer an early inspection. Besides, I derive the outlined benefits from waking up early:

  • Handle inspections better

I am in a good mood and ready to jump into inspections skillfully.

  • More organized

It helps me lay my day in advance.

  • Time to exercise

It cuts off my early-evening fatigue and boosts my mood. I am eager to face my day. Shed off excess calories and boosts my immunity. I always exercise for at least 30 minutes.

  • 4:30 AM : Take a shower and dress up

A shower takes the sweat off and helps me relax. Dressing appropriately boosts my self-confidence and creates a good impression. Remember, wearing well represents a visual image of my firm. It reflects my professionalism in my business dealings.

  • 5:00 AM : Have breakfast

Breakfast is an essential meal for the day. A good breakfast boosts my energy levels for the day and keeps me alert. I have to inspect homes and prepare reports and need essential nutrients to be in good health. If I am in bad health, I can’t work effectively.

  • 5:30 AM : Read Something Inspiring

I start my day motivated and inspired. This habit gives me valuable ideas. At times, I read documentaries of men who have succeeded in home inspector career. I learn from the mistake they made.

  • 6:00 AM : Leave for the office

My office is about 20 minutes’ drive from home.

  • 6:30 AM : Plan my day at the office

Getting to the office earlier helps gain more control of the day. I map out my day and focus on my priorities.

  • 7:00 AM : Do office work

I go through the paperwork that needs my attention. It’s an excellent time for reading and replying my emails. However, my secretary answers the majority of the emails. I supervise what needs my attention.

Sometimes, I start my office hour by meeting my staff, especially at the beginning of the week. We review the weekly progress and pending reports. If need be, I appoint some staff to work on weekends to clear the backlog.

  • 8:00 AM : Leave the office for inspection

Before leaving my office, my secretary confirms the appointment. On confirmation, I pick up my tools and go for the house inspection.

  • 8:30 AM : Arriving on inspection site

The time I get to the inspection time depends on the site location.

Punctuation is eminent. I get to the site 10 to 15 minutes earlier. On my way to home inspection, I scan the neighborhood. I confirm the community is well kept. I may have the privilege to meet the buyer, seller, agent, or homeowner.

I always take the opportunity to introduce myself and showcase my expertise. In most cases, I am at the inspection alone. The homeowner makes pre-arrangements on how I would access the home. I start home inspections in the following areas:

  • Grounds
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Plumbing systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Doors and windows
  • Foundation and basement
  • Exterior such as paint
  • Attic insulation

As I carefully inspect the property, I take photos and videos to back my findings. I record all the results before I move to the next element.

  • 10:30 AM : Finalize the inspection and report

It takes 2 to 3 hours to finalize home inspections. If the homeowner or the buyer is available, I discuss the findings. If they have any questions, I answer them.

Over the years, I have learned every property is different. Hence, the examination will differ. Depending on the findings, I may compile the report immediately using apps. When done, I send it to the client on the spot. If the results need more explanation, I prepare it at the end of the day. The photos come in handy as they aid in clarification.

  • 11:30 AM : I perform second scheduled inspection

I repeat the process, like the first one. I discuss the result with the clients afterward.

  • 1:30 PM : Have my lunch

Taking a lunch break allows my mind to rest, recharge, and refocus. The rest improves my productivity for the remaining part of the day. I proceed to the rest of the inspection full of energy.

I take a break to have a wholesome lunch. I take a break to have a wholesome lunch. In case I am unable to have a lunch break, I always have some snacks in my car. Sometimes, I invite my clients to share the meal with me. It is an excellent opportunity to appreciate them and say thank you for the business. I make my clients feel important and request for referrals.

  • 02:30 PM : I perform Third scheduled inspection

The career is involving. I work long hours most days. Moving from one home inspection to another is tiresome. However, I enjoy my days in the field. On a busy day, I inspect about 3 homes.

  • 05:30 PM : I go back to the office

I work on unfinished reports. Make sure the reports are easy to read and brief. I use simple terms and avoid technical jargon in my reports.

My secretary hands me a detailed list of those who called while I was in the field. She is perfect with her work. In the list, she indicates the clients she slotted for inspections. I make calls and thank the potential clients for choosing us. I confirm the house location and inspection time. If my inspection team has queries, I manage them.

  • 06:00 PM : Meet clients to explain the findings

At times I meet clients in the evening to explain the findings. It happens if a customer wasn’t available during the day. The client initiates the request for a meeting. I encourage them to feel free and call me for further clarification. Once the client is satisfied, I request them to refer me to their friends.

  • 07:00 PM : Time to go home

Once done with the clients, It’s time to rest and have family time. By 7:30 I am in my house. If I don’t have an evening appointment, by 6:30, I get back to home.

I value family. It’s true; my days are filled with activities. From the office to the field and going back and forth to the office to prepare reports. Spending time with my family is inevitable. Family moments create secure connections.

I had to learn to live a balanced life. The real estate inspector’s salary is excellent, plus the allowances. But no point in earning good money without having a peaceful life with family. My family comes first. I fit my family time in my busy schedule by:

  • Planning family time

I realized if I don’t plan family time, it won’t just happen. We schedule family time together and put it on record. I write it down on my to-do list. That’s how family time is dear to me, and I don’t trade family time for anything else.

  • We go out for meals and fun activities

I look forward to having meals with my family. We share the happenings of our world. Occasionally, we spend weekends out. To spice it up, we engage in outdoor activities such as cycling. Picture yourself with your spouse and kids cycling. Better still, we race against each other.

  • Organizing surprises for my family

Recently, I organized a surprise for my wife on her birthday. I ordered a birthday cake and flowers. With the help of her friends, I stepped into the office unexpectedly. I got her off guard. She couldn’t hide her joy and surprise. To make it memorable, a friend captured the moments. I enjoy planning surprises for my family.

  • Saying hello

I find myself thinking of my loved ones. Either in passing or for a considerable time. Nevertheless, they aren’t aware they are in my mind. So, what do I do? I drop a message or just call my wife. She feels my love and care for her.

  • Involving my kids

If I don’t have an early inspection, I drop my kids to school. In the evenings, I read a bedtime story. Also, I share my experiences for the day. They feel obliged to share the happenings of their day. It is the perfect time to open their hearts to share anything troubling them. Bonds are created with children at a tender age. My family is my obligation, and I pledge my commitment to it.

I have a playroom in my garage’s loft and spend some of my weekends playing with my kids there. I always involve my kids in new engaging games. My toddler loves going up and down on the electronic attic stair. That’s a fun game for my baby.

Watch this video and it’ll help you understanding the importance of balancing work and family life.

That’s my home inspector career story. Keep in mind; passion is indispensable. Yes, the pay is motivating, but money isn’t everything. At times I have a lot on my plate. Deadlines to beat and targets to meet. Your story may be different from mine, learn from my experience, and write your journey. Endeavor to bring out hidden potential and capabilities. You have a seed of greatness. I made it, so will you.


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