Clever attic remodel ideas for converting your attic into anything from bedroom to bathroom. Make sure to get a safe access on your attic, get the attic sealed and insulated, the remodeling will pay off.

Most homeowners use their attics for nothing more than storage. They use this space to store things like old furniture, unused appliances, and other old items they no longer require. If your home has an attic, you can make the most of this additional space by transforming it into a place for relaxation, games, music, or any other personalized space where you can do as you please. Read along and discover creative ways to pimp up your attic.

  • Transform Your Attic Into A Playroom
  • Convert Your Attic Into An Exciting Game Room
  • Convert Your Attic Into A Bedroom
  • Convert Your Attic Into A Home Office
  • Transform Your Attic Into A Bathroom
  • Transform Your Attic Into A Splendid Library
  • Convert Your Attic Into A Home Theater
  • Transform Your Attic Into An Art Studio
  • Transform Your Attic Into A Nursery Room
  • Transform Your Attic Into An Apartment

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Before you start your remodeling project, you need to determine if your attic is appropriate for converting, and you must have an action plan. The first thing you need to do is check for the obvious.

Understand your attic type before making any plan and regret. My list of 20 most unique attic stairs of the time.

How much space do you have in your attic, and what is the placement of existing fittings. If a heating duct runs through the middle of the area, then your options are limited. Other factors you need to take into account before commencing your attic remodeling include the following:

  • Floor

Make sure the attic floor is sufficiently strong to hold furniture or any other items you may want to place on it. Besides, it should be sturdy enough for you and the members of your household to move around.

  • Temperature and Ventilation

Generally, attics are unheated and uninsulated. This part of the house is typically cold during winter and hot during summer. For this reason, you will need to plan for appropriate and sufficient ventilation in the room.

  • Lighting

Which do you prefer, artificial light or natural light? If you opt for artificial light, space might appear dingy and dark. Therefore, you may require wiring and skylights to light up the room. You can even light up your attic stairs.

  • Access

How do you plan to go in and out of your newly renovated space? If you intend to convert your attic into a regular living space, you will need to install a sturdy, fixed staircase. Drop-down or folding stairway might be appropriate; however, you should consider how often the space will be accessed.

  • Budget

Check to see that you have an adequate budget to complete the entire project. You should also consider talking to a licensed contractor and get them to inspect your attic. It is always good to get an expert opinion, even if you are overhauling your attic as a do-it-yourself project.

Once you have ascertained that your attic is appropriate for converting, you need to decide precisely what you would like to do with the new space. Here are ten of the best attic-remodel ideas to make the most of your attic space.


Suppose your kids need some additional space where they can play and run around. In that case, you should consider giving them what they want by transforming your attic into a multi-colored, kid-friendly playroom.

The first thing you should think about is how your children will get into and out of the new space. For easy access to the renovated room, you may want to install a spiral stairway. Aside from being functional, a spiral stairway will add a visual and classic appeal to your new space. A loft ladder will also serve the same purpose. Here’s my review of some of the best loft access ladders.

It is vital to select one with extra safety fittings, such as recessed locking system and slip-resistant treads. Adding a railing to your attic entrance will also help make it safer for you and your children.

Once you have taken care of the safety concern, you can use the following ideas to add some fancy to your attic children’s room.


Wall decals with quotes from your kid’s favorite books can add a personalized and fun touch to the room


If your attic has no windows, consider adding one if you can afford it. This will allow for the inflow of natural light.

Storage Space

Your kid’s toys will ultimately need to be stored somewhere. If the area is not confinement, consider installing some shelves at the sides of your room.


An attic game room will be a fantastic addition to your home. It might just be the ideal solution for family game evenings.


The attic usually has space limitations, so you should choose seating options that will comfortably fit into your available space. Floor pillows can be an excellent option for this purpose. You can also opt for bar stools because they are less intrusive and occupy less space than conventional chairs.


Recessed lighting and track lighting are both great options for a gaming space because they give little or no interference during game-play.


You should opt for soft floor surfaces as these will keep you more comfortable as you enjoy your favorite games.


An excellent way to utilize an otherwise wasted space is by converting your attic into a loft bedroom. A loft bedroom is ideal for a growing household that requires additional space for the children or guests. My handpicked 20 most unique bedroom ideas for slopped attic

Install New Flooring

One way to give your attic space a great new look is by installing new flooring. If you are looking for something easy to clean, then consider using hardwood. However, if you require a more comfy, underfoot feel, then the carpet will be an excellent choice.


The simplest way to get enough illumination into your space is to install either a skylight or windows onto the roof. Remember that the more skylights and windows you have within your attic space, the less electrical energy you will require from conventional lighting.

Custom-built shelving

The walls of an attic room are typically very short, and its height may only be half of that of a regular wall. This means that bringing in standard size cabinets, bookshelves, and dressers may not be a good idea. For a specialized space like an attic, custom-designed shelving units can be your best option.


An attic office can be your haven where you can concentrate and get essential jobs done. This will be especially beneficial if you work from your home but do not have a dedicated home office. My 20 most creative office ideas for compact attic

Electrical wiring

If you are using office appliances like a computer and printer, you will need to install electrical installations and outlets to support these devices.


Consider placing your workstation beside a window to allow for natural lighting.


The chances are that you will need an additional bathroom in your home. Bear in mind that you may need to add new plumbing if you choose to install a bathroom within your attic. My handpicked 20 most unique bathroom ideas for slopped attic

Consider getting an electrician to install more wiring and outlets when fitting a bathroom in your attic.


Another great way to make the most of your attic space is by transforming it into a splendid library. And, this is not such a difficult task.

Waterproof Roof

Before you transform your attic space into a library, make sure you do not have a leaking roof. Having a leakage in your roof can cause serious problems because the water and moisture can cause considerable damage to your books and furniture.

Selecting colors

When selecting paint for your attic library, consider choosing a calm tone. Calm colors encourage tranquility, creating a soothing and relaxed vibe within the room for reading.


You can reinvent your attic space into a living room by installing a home theater in it. Suppose your attic space can accommodate a projector and a screen. In that case, you are all set to convert it into a relaxing home theater.

Aside from a screen, another important item you require is sound. Be sure to get a great sound system.


An attic is just the right place to install an art studio, particularly if it has steep sloping ceilings plus angled corners, which you can use as display or storage areas.

A great way to ensure proper lighting is by installing skylights and dormer windows. If, however, photography is your trade, you would most likely prefer a dark room.


If your family expects a new arrival, but you do not have sufficient space in your bedroom for the crib, consider transforming your attic into a nursery room.

Child-friendly space

Make sure the nursery area is a child-friendly space. You can achieve this by ensuring there are no toxic materials and sharp edges in the area.


It is best to have soft, modifiable lighting in your nursery.


An attic apartment can be an attractive and appealing room, where you can unwind and relish private moments. This is why it is a great idea to convert your attic space into an apartment.

Required space

Before you commence your remodeling project, check to see that you have the required square feet of space to create a room you can enjoy without experiencing claustrophobia.


To ensure your attic apartment is comfortable, it is vital space is properly insulated.

Last Words

An attic can be a many things you can imagine of. Get a great attic ladder and start accessing the abandoned high ground of your castle.

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