You have been hearing a high squeaky noise from your attic, and when you took a peek, you were surprised to find a squirrel running around.

Or maybe you were lying down when your wife yelled:’ ’squirrels in attic!!!!’’. You are desperate for a solution but have no clue what to do?

Don’t panic! Just for you, here’s the ultimate guide to getting rid of squirrels in the attic. Squirrel removal from attic isn’t that hard like everyone always think. Let’s dive right in!

One of the biggest mistakes people make when addressing the squirrel issue is going off and hiring an exterminator or a rodent catcher for a hefty price. A hired expert might get rid of the squirrel but will not get rid of the problem.

For years, I would spend loads of money on a rodent catcher who would show up and capture the squirrel. Then a few weeks later, I would call him up again after the obnoxious rodents would decide to repay a visit.

Dealing with the problem yourself will not only save you money but also give you the knowledge to prevent future issues.

So, we agree on dealing with the squirrels in attic problem of our self. Now what?

A great piece of advice, and one that will cost you exceptionally low, is wisely forcing the squirrel out. The best strategy is to Seal up all entry points except one.

Try to clear the attic from any box or object that the squirrel can hide in and make the attic as empty as possible.

You can take any type of solid tape and cover up all the cracks you can find. After making sure the attic is sealed, leave one hole open in try using a broom to force the squirrel out. When the furry rodent leaves, seal the last hole off for good.
Light up the attic! No No! Don’t Burn! One of the reasons squirrels love lofts so much is the safe and quiet atmosphere it provides. Flashing some bright light towards the squirrel can scare it away quickly.

One of the coolest gadgets I use is the super-sonic whistle (you can get it from here), which I find especially useful. You can also try boosting some high-volume music to scare them away. The squirrel is super sound sensitive, and sudden noises usually alert their survival instincts.

This is my favorite, due to the creativity you can put into it.

There are many ways to entice out squirrels in the attic. I have reduced the list to two main strategies that I genuinely believe are effective.
If everything else didn’t work then I would recommend the two-door hatch that will allow the squirrel to enter from more than one direction. Make sure to purchase a ‘Live’ trap that will not harm the poor fella.

Insert a small fruit or nut in the trap (grab this cool trap from here) , and the squirrel will come in no-time.

When you place the trap, beware of the different squirrel species. This is crucial! Each squirrel behaves differently, entering your attic in their unique way. Gray squirrels, for example, usually sneak in through roof cracks or near tree branches. You would want to place the trap along a noticeable crack or the base of the tree.Think the Gray squirrel is troublesome? Dealing with Flying squirrel in your attic is a whole mess on its own. The gliding creature loves curling up in tight spaces and closed corners, avoiding the surface. All those be great places for a potential trap. You can track them down by searching for their droppings.

This step is probably the most effortless one of them all.

The only Con I would apply to it would be the money and time spending on placing the trap in the attic.

Now that You’ve fought the squirrel and you are lying down exhausted on the couch. Remember that the best way to get rid of squirrels and protecting your house from any unwelcome visitor is to prevent them from showing up in the first place. To make sure that no squirrel or any other rodent will crawl back in your attic, you need to attack any potential entry path.

  • The three main entry paths squirrels use are trees, chimneys, and roof cracks. Trimming the treetops and branches that come near to your attic, are a great way to prevent squirrels from even having the option to get around.
  • I suggest sealing any crack on your roof and fixing up a metal net on your chimney. That will allow the smoke to come out still but prevent any squirrel from coming in.
  • Other gadgets you might find useful are squirrel repellent sprays or all the squirrel removal kits that can be found on Amazon for a decent price. Spray the repellent to ant potential entering path. That should do the work.

When I first went up to the attic, to get rid of the squirrel attack, I realized that it was the perfect squirrel heaven.

There where large suitcases and boxes which made high beds and provided warmth and coziness. There was also a large carton of old cinnamon, which the squirrels loved. Just by getting rid of all the junk up there, I made the place way less comfortable for the squirrel. Organizing your attic can make the whole process way more manageable. You can also install a permanent light-bulb or air-conditioning, that will give a constant awareness sense to the squirrel.

Remember, getting rid of a squirrel in the attic is not a ‘come-and-go’ problem.
Many people deal with this issue on a yearly or even monthly basis. You want the squirrel to understand that if they are planning on your attic- they are in for a war! Therefore, the best way to approach the ‘squirrels in attic’ situation is to treat it early and ferociously. Feeling confident now? Do you Have a better way to deal with a squirrel in your home? Let us know in the comment below. Share with friends and save these useful tips in your social media profile. Read about getting the best attic access ladder here.


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