Are you having trouble with an unwanted guest? Is it a bee? Are you desperate to know how to get a bee out of your house? Let me tell you what I do when bees encounter my beloved home.

Bees get into the house through the fireplace and openings in the window. It’s a known fact that bees get us scared when we see them buzzing around our house. I got stung by bees that entered my home recently.

Can I be frank with you? It was so painful. But does that mean I should kill them? The answer is no!

Irrespective of how many bees invaded your house, you shouldn’t kill them. Bees play a vital role in our ecosystem. It’s so unfortunate that bees get into the house quickly, but getting them out of the house seems to be a problem.

It’s so unfortunate that bees get into the house quickly, but getting them out of the house seems to be a problem. The question people ask me after telling them not to kill bees is how to get a bee out of your house?

Let’s get down to business, I will walk you through the process of getting bees out of your house. Keep reading, and you’ll find out.

I know getting bees out of your house can be challenging. Nevertheless, I’ll tell you necessary steps to take when you see bees in your house.

  • Locate the source

First of all, you should try to find the source when you see bees trooping into your house. It is often said that when the cause of a problem is known, the problem is half solved. This is also applicable to the invasion of bees in your house. Here’s the kicker, when you finally find the hive, do not scatter or block their exit. If you do, they might migrate to another spot in your house.

  • Do not instigate their anger

Bees are small, but they are also mighty. They can get very violent when they are instigated. It’s true that you might get scared after locating their source, but do not make any move that makes them suspect an attack from you. Here’s the scary part; when they feel threatened, they come in a swarm to attack you. A word of caution; don’t tamper with the hive until you find the best method to evacuate them.

  • Do not spray insecticide or set traps

Here’s another thing to take note, setting traps or using insecticide won’t help the situation; it can only worsen the case. The bees are likely to be provoked when applying insecticide, which is dangerous for you.

  • Keep kids away

If you have kids in your house, keep them away because bees can be provoked unknowingly by kids. After locking the beehive in your house, restrict kids from going close.

  • Call a Beekeeper

Beekeepers are professionals who know how to handle bees. Instead of killing the bees, a beekeeper would take the hive and raise the bees for profit, win win for all.

  • Remove all traces and repair the damages

After your professional beekeeper takes the hive away, the bees would leave marks and might have damaged the spot of removal. Sometimes, the leftovers may call the attention of other bees. Here’s another thing, ensure you blocked the openings the bees used for entering your house. Clean the walls, furniture, or any place the hive was removed.

  • Allergies to bees

Some folks are allergic to bees, and it can cause severe health conditions if they get stung by bees. If people are living in your house who is allergic to bees, you must get rid of bees in your house.

  • Bee Stings

Imagine what it would look like if you get stung by bees. You know the pain that flows from your brain to the spine. We’ve all been there, bee stings hurt in a way that can’t be explained. If you see beehives in your house, there ate great chances that you will get stung by bees in no time.

  • Combative bees

Bees can get aggressive when provoked. The reasons why they can become aggressive include disturbance from children or pets and hot weather. You may not be able to handle the aggressiveness of bees; that’s why you need to get rid of them from your house.

Vinegar Spray Solutions

This is a natural solution to getting bees out of your house. All you need to get started is:

– Mix equal volume of water and vinegar in a sprayer
– Shake vigorously to get a saturated solution
– Spray when the bees are quiet in the night

Using Cinnamon

If you do not want to kill the bees, as I mentioned at the beginning. Using cinnamon may be the best option for you. Sprinkle it around the beehive for seven days. The smell from the cinnamon will chase the bees away.


The cool thing is that the smell of mothballs can expel bees from your house. Here’s how to do it:

– Put some mothballs in soft, air-permeable cloth, such as muslin or sock.
– Hang it close to the beehive or the entry point of the bee
– Watch for some days, and you will notice the exit of all bees.

Garlic Powder

Fact is bees hate strong or acerbic smells. Take a teaspoon of garlic powder and pour it randomly on the hive while dealing with a colony. Watch for some days, and you will notice the disappearance of bees from your home. Try spreading the garlic powder around the entry point of the bees.

Bee Repelling Plants

If have some mints, try crushing the leaves and wait for the smell to spread. One of the great ways to make your house bee-free is to plant bee repelling plants. Plants such as Eucalyptus, Mint, and Citronella repel bees, and you can as well plant them in your house.

Citronella Candles

Get citronella candles and light them around the location of the hive. The smell will repel bees and chase them away from the area.

Wondering how you can prevent bees from entering your house? If yes, don’t worry, there are preventive measures to take. There is a famous quote that says “prevention is better than cure”; the same theory applies to this.

Bear with me, because I’m going to show you how. But before then, take a minute and think about the things you do in your house that attract bees. Surprisingly enough, you can find one or two things you do that attract bees.

Some of the major attractions are:

  • Beverages
  • Sweet Food
  • Liquid Sweets

Preventive Measures can be as follow:

  • Do not leave sweet food items outside
  • Dispose of your dustbin regularly
  • Paint or varnish the wooden furniture in your house to prevent carpenter bees
  • Keep beverages and liquid sweets indoor

I understand that getting the bees out of your house is crucial to you. However, we cannot underestimate the importance of bees in our ecosystem; how they provide food and aesthetics to our world.

Last Words

All in all, you need to take precautions when getting rid of bees in your house. The process can be tedious and challenging, but the bottom line is that you should call on professionals to do the job if there are bigger hives. But if you are wondering, How to get a bee out of your house then just follow one of the natural methods mentioned above.

Nonetheless, my concern is to make sure that you know the ways to keep yourself and your family safe from the attacks of bees.


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