Attic windows, also known as roof windows, are essential features to consider when deciding to convert your attic into a livable space. They play a crucial role in ventilating and providing the much-needed sunlight into the room. The sunlight is a source of natural light that will eventually save on your monthly electricity bill. But do you know what to look for when selecting that desired attic window? Well, keep on reading to discover the most important things to look out for.

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Not all attics have enough space for use as a living room. Some are generally very small, and installing windows may not be appropriate. An attic window vent can be installed in a crawl space to allow sufficient air circulation and natural light. The vents are also of different types – Ridge, box, gable, and soffit vents. An attic vent window comes in handy when the space is too small to install a decent sized attic fan.

There are different roof windows and are mostly dependent on the size of the attic or the roof surface. We have highlighted the following most common types of windows to get you started.

Skylights are mostly preferred because they allow and disperse a high amount of natural light. They light up dark spaces pretty well and are excellent for storage spaces. They come in two designs – the shaft and cathedral. Skylights mainly consist of a flat glass mounted on a rectangular frame.

If you have a sloping roof surface, dormer windows are best for you. It usually protrudes from the roof surface. It also allows more light into the room. dormer windows are very common in loft window installations.

Rose windows are also known as circular windows and adapted from Gothic architecture, commonly used in churches. Their design comprises of geometric shapes radiating from a central point. At times, stained glass is used for decoration. They have gained popularity in home designs in recent years.
Now, this is the most critical aspect when purchasing the right material for your windows. Ensure that you know the actual measurements of your windows. This is the length, width, and height. They can be measured in millimetres (mm) or centimetres (cm) using a measuring tape.

What if you do not know how to handle a measuring tape? Get in touch with the sales team of your selected supplier, and they will assist you.
After carefully selecting the type of roof window and size, the next vital element to consider is the window frames’ quality. I recommend going for a frame that gives you service for decades rather than a few years. Some of the standard frame materials used by most reputable window companies include aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and composite (two materials mixed to form a better variety).

Take into consideration the impact of the seasonal weather conditions on the material. It should not peel, crack, or stick due to contraction or expansion. Fiberglass may be a better option since it will remain stable in most conditions.
There are several designs on the market to choose from. You can go for the open glass view where the flat glass is mounted on the frame without internal sub-divisions. The other type is the divided window glass, where the frame is divided into smaller sections. The glass is then cut into smaller sections and mounted on the frame.
The homeowner can also choose the level of sophistication that he/she desires for the roof windows. It could be mechanical, where the windows are manually opened and closed using the latches. The latches also come in different types and sizes. You can choose the automated mechanism where an electronic system is installed to control the opening and closing of the windows remotely.
This is a crucial step as it will guide you during the installation of the windows. Ensure that the roofs’ drainage system is working correctly. This will prevent the rainwater from accumulating on the windows. You do not want the water to leak into your living space. You may require a professional opinion for this step to make an informed decision.
When deciding to take up a project, you must have a planned budget. This is the most vital point to ensure you achieve the desired outcome. After a satisfactory evaluation of all the above factors, it is now time to do thorough cost estimation.

Visit selected supplier websites that would serve your locality. List down all the required materials and compare prices from different suppliers. Add up all the individual costs to come up with the total estimated amount.

You can choose two or three reputable local suppliers to come to visit your home. By doing this, they will do actual measurements and give you an accurate quote for all the work. This may be the best option as it will save you the headache of all the calculations.
The project is now complete, and you have new roof windows. Remember to ask for a warranty for the windows. The supplier should be able to offer after-sales services. The duration, of course, will be at their discretion.
After carefully comparing all the quotes from the suppliers, you are confident in placing that order to get your project started. Contact the chosen supplier to confirm the order. Ensure that you sign a contract detailing all the expected output and the cost. This will be your security in case the project doesn’t go as planned.

It is always advisable to conduct thorough research before settling on suitable roof windows. Make a comparison of the cost and quality for different suppliers. This will ensure that you get value for your money. I’ve covered the most important aspects to consider when choosing an attic window. Follow all the steps the next time you want to improve your living space.


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