A home inspection is a non-invasive way of examining a house’s current state or condition. Recent data show that more than 80 percent of recent house purchases involve the use of this service. Also, I’ve found out that almost 90 percent of mortgage lenders would require a home inspection service as part of their clients’ agreement.

To understand how this profession came to be relevant, I’ve gathered a historical timeline about its development. Welcome to my lesson of home inspection history 101.

home inspection history


The home inspection profession seems to have found its early roots at this time. Marvin Goldstein, a founding member of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), said that his father got into home inspection services right after graduating with a degree in engineering.


This was the start of the home inspection profession attaining its recognition in the service industry. Homebuyers wanted to know more. Fortunately for them, there are professionals when it comes to knowledge of home systems.


The contractor’s inspection service became available. It is similar to the home inspection we have today, but it only covered the basics. Most homebuyers already know such details. They needed a more reliable inspection system.


Home systems pioneers decided to develop the standards and code of ethics for the industry. Organizing the trade for home inspection needed a strong foundation.


Formation of California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) and American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Their purpose ensures that home inspectors in the US have a unified voice and adhere to professional standards. They also provide public awareness when it comes to such standards and ethics.


Texas utilized the PPA or Professional Practice Act to regulate the home inspection service and its professionals.


Total number of home inspections accomplished has reached more or less than eight million.


Industry growth increased by 30 percent due to economic improvements and better housing regulations.

Late 2020

Home inspection industry operations hampered by COVID – 19 pandemic. Temporary online and remote solutions are employed to prevent accidental contact with the virus. The revenue forecast in the industry also indicates an 11.8 percent decline.

Last Words

The home inspection profession has a branching history. Nevertheless, it is synonymous with the US housing industry’s progress over the past decades. Even with the current situation, the home inspection profession proves to be relevant as ever.

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