As professional home inspectors, sometimes, we may prefer a second opinion. We may encounter something we are not aware of. We are human, and we don’t know everything out there. That’s impossible!

Here are my top favorite home inspection forums, where I can ask about anything related to the job. Hit them up with your questions. The community got your back.

home inspection forums

Life Pro Tips is a forum that focuses on different ideas. This is a community where you will find real-life advice. Whenever you feel confused or lost, try asking these guys for tips. Don’t forget to leave your knowledgeable advice too, since it could also help someone.


If you need to do repairs yourself, Fix It can help you out. This subreddit is the place where everyone can help you out. People post pictures about their problems, and others help them solve it. This is the ideal community for anyone who specializes in this field.


Something I Made is a subreddit filled with unique ideas. Daily posts about home innovations are always present here. If you are looking for a unique way to patch things up, visit this forum. This is the perfect place for professional inspectors and homeowners alike.


HomeRepair is the typical forum you will find when you’re in need. It has almost everything you are looking for. Whether you are a home inspector or an owner, this subreddit can help you out. Now, you can have the answers to those typical home problems anytime.


This subreddit is filled with amazing DIY ideas. If you are new to home inspection, there are people here who can help you out. Just make sure to ask the right question when approaching them. You will probably get a straight answer within the day.


If you are looking for personal opinions, this subreddit is perfect for you. Here, you will find different experiences concerning home repair. Just hit them up with a question whenever you want. These people are helpful and are always ready to assist fellow professionals.


This group is the marketplace for all home inspectors around the US. If you do not have enough equipment for inspections, you can visit them. Other professionals can hook you up with a lot of stuff. They can also sell their secondhand equipment if you’re on a tight budget.


If you are more into the business side, this group is for you. Home Inspectors Business and Marketing is a group focused on this. Professionals share advice and tips on home maintenance for the benefit of others. You will also encounter funny stories, marketing fails, and other lessons with them.


The Home Inspectors Group is another private group you can join. Their page has a simple design, but do not underestimate that. These folks are dedicated to helping others with their home concerns. You can join them if you are looking for advice and suggestions.


I Am A Home Inspector is another subreddit you may like. This is an online forum created to help professionals. Whenever you have questions about your home, you can approach them. They are helpful and responsive to every query in there.


Home Inspector Exchange Group is another private Facebook group you can join. Here, they exchange thoughts and ideas about home maintenance. Their sole purpose is to educate, share, and market their resources well. It would be best if you also answered their test questions before you can join.


Professional Home Inspectors is a private Facebook group. It’s a community that consists of home care experts. Before you can join the group, they will ask you a series of questions to ensure your credibility as professionals in this particular field.


All things Home Inspections is a small community that can help you anytime. This subreddit is the bomb when it comes to general home inspections. It does not matter if you are an amateur or a professional. You will learn a lot of things from this Reddit group.


The Hivemind Improving Homes is another forum in Reddit. For the previous one, it’s a general home inspection subreddit. Here, you will find discussions more focused on home improvement. It is also a fun place since you can meet other home inspectors here.


Home Inspectors is a subreddit you will find in It is a discussion group started by professional home inspectors. Here you will find relevant discussions about home maintenance and all that. You will also get to meet people in the same field.


Bigger Pockets is more of a real estate website. However, you will see home inspection topics inside their forums. That is why they are still helpful in this way. Just click this link and see relevant discussions in their website.


It will help if you do not judge a book by its cover. has a simple design, but everything stands out. The forum is entitled specifically, and they are listed well. All of the relevant data are conveniently placed next to them.


Home Inspector Pro is a general website. Here, you will find daily discussions about specific concerns. Everything is listed, so you have to go through each forum. Thankfully, the titles are laid out there, so you won’t get confused with them.


The Inspector’s Journal is the second in this list for a reason. This website has almost the same format as InterNACHI Inspection Community. It has each forum categorized for every part of the house. If you have specific concerns, this is the place to go.


InterNACHI Inspection Community is on the top list. That’s because they are reliable, informational, and everything’s well-organized. From random discussions to specific topics, you will find things efficiently listed.

Last Word

There are always concerns regarding a home’s internal or external aspects. If someone asks you about something and you’re lost, ask other inspectors! These home inspection forums, pages, and groups are filled with good professionals. They can help you with almost everything, and you’ll have a nice little family.


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