Anyone in Kentucky who seeks to pursue home inspection professionally should get certified. It is not right to claim or advertise home inspection services without a license, and doing so is a criminal offense. This step by step guide is to help you all the way, becoming certified home inspector in Kentucky.

The KBHI, or the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors, is the agency that licenses home inspectors in the Bluegrass state. To get your license, you need to fulfill the statutory requirements that the board anchors on.

Steps to become a certified home inspector in Kentucky:

  • Be Aware Of The State’s Basic Requirements
  • Take The Home Inspection Course
  • Participate In The Necessary Exams
  • Align Yourself With A Home Inspection Institution
  • Apply For The License

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So, dear Kentuckian, take the following steps that will undoubtedly make you a certified home inspector.

Step 01

Pre-licensing Education and Experience

You are required to present a high school diploma or its equivalent, such as a GED. On the pre-licensing education, you should take a continuous 64-hour course (NHIE website). Of the 64 hours, 16 of them should be on the field (actual inspections – 8 on the field, 8 in a lab).

During the 8 hours of fieldwork, you should conduct at least three home inspections (unpaid work). The reports that you prepare for the checks should be handed to the course provider.

Continuing Education

CE may is not a fulfillment for a first-time applicant, but it becomes once you get licensed. Before you apply for renewal, the Board requires that you show evidence of having done 28 hours of CE. Since renewal is biennial, be advised to do 14 hours in the first year and the other 14 in the renewal year.

Step 02

Pre-licensing Education

The Board of Home Inspectors approves of the following institutions for the pre-licensing education:

The above list of institutions changes from time to time. This is because the Board’s accorded period of the course expires at a set time of a year. So, ensure that you check the list to know the current providers.

Continuing Education

By now, here are the institutions approved by the Board to offer CE:

Like in the pre-licensing course, the list of institutions providers does change, so check here to see the latest information. Also, here is a list of CE courses.

Step 03

After taking the pre-licensing course, prepare and register for the National Home Inspection Examination through the PSI Exam Registration. You will pay a fee of $225. The exam has 200 multiple-choice questions that you are supposed to do in 240 minutes.

Step 04

The Board does not explicitly state that you need to be a member of any professional institution, but it suggests so. Whichever of the following associations you pick, you will perform your home inspection services using their standards of practice:

Step 05

Before you are ready to take the licensure application, look at the following items and make sure that you’ve checked all of them:

  • Include an application (registration) fee of $250, payable via money order or check. You need to make the payment to the Kentucky State Treasurer.
  • Enclose your passport photo – recent and colored, and that is two by 2 inches. Ensure that you don’t staple or attach it to the application.
  • Add a general liability insurance certificate with an at-least $250,000 coverage. Ensure you have listed KBHI as the certificate holder.
  • Work in a police background check check (from your state of residence). The assessment should not be older than three months (90 days).
  • Include an FBI investigation check

You should look at the KBHI Initial Licensure Checklist and ensure that you have everything ready to approach the Board. Once you do, mail the application to the KBHI or deliver it to their address – 500 Mero Street 2NE09, Suite B, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601. Go and become a certified home inspector Kentucky and pursue your dream.

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