If you’re on this read, the chances are that you live Little Rock, and you want to pursue home inspection professionally. If that is your case, you should understand that being a home inspector in Arkansas is a regulated profession, just like in another 33 states.

The body that sorts out the licensure business is the AHIB or the Arkansas Home Inspector Registration Board. It operates under the state’s Department of Labor and Licensing.

Here’s how I became a home inspector.

how to become a home inspector in arkansas

As an Arkansan, here’s how you can become a certified home inspector. Let’s get into it..

Step 01

As a first-time applicant, you need to get pre-registration education (course) of not less than eighty (80) hours of classroom or on-site instruction. The time between making the licensure application and completing the course should within 12 months. Also, the program should be taken as a continuous item.

Step 02

From the list, here are the institutions that the AHIB has approved to deliver the pre-registration education: the 80 hours:

  • ABC Home Inspection Institute
  • All American Training Institute
  • American Home Inspector Training Institute (AHIT)
  • Amerispec
  • The ASHI School
  • The Desktop Training School
  • Inspection Certification Associates (ICA)
  • National Property Inspections, Inc.
  • Pillar-to-Post Home Inspectors
  • Professional Home Inspection Institute
Step 03

As a home inspector in Arkansas, you need to do two exams before making you licensure application:

  • Take the latest version of the National Home Inspection Examination. The NHIE is an exam provided by the EBPHI, short for Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors. PSI administers the exam, and the charge displayed on the platform is $225.
  • Also, sit for the examination on Ethics and Standards. The exam is provided by ASHI, which is also known as the American Society of Home Inspectors. The test has 50-question that need to be completed in one hour. ASHI will require you to pay $50 to do it.
  • You must have proper grasp on ASHI SOP.
Step 04

  • Give a non-refundable registration (application) fee of $250 – payable via check or money order. If you make your application between July 1 and December 21, the Board charges $375. The reasoning behind this – you are getting registered for the balance of the current year and the following year.
  • Obtain general liability insurance, which is not less than $100,000 aggregately.

To get more requirements, look at the application information document. Anything vague in this article may be clarified there.

Licensure renewal is annually, and it will cost you $250.

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