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The best insulated attic ladder FAKRO LWP 66804 lets you do just that without the need for an extension ladder. Converting your attic space into a usable room increases your property’s value by 21 percent. You might have thought of turning your home’s spaces into a closet, a home office, a bedroom, a guestroom, or a library, and so on. let’s dive into my FAKRO attic ladder review and see what’s what.

The Fakro LWP 66804 comes ready to install and insulation ready. It’s a great convenient for DIY lovers. Here’s some what I like most about this magnificent attic ladder.

Insulated Door

The ladder’s door comes insulated to increase energy efficiency and reduce losses, thereby reducing energy costs. Besides, it ensures that sound doesn’t penetrate from the living room to the new attic space and vice versa. Painting it will enhance its aesthetic appeal and ensure durability.

Weather Seal Gasket

This gasket helps in reducing heat losses to reduce energy costs. It does this by sealing off the room to ensure minimal heat transfer between the rooms.

Non-Slip Steps

This feature ensures you don’t slip and fall as you climb up and down the ladder. That way, you can be sure of safety as you access your new attic space.

Additional Accessories

The Fakro insulated attic ladder has other optional accessories that are sure to make your experience with the ladder enjoyable. The ladder’s plastic ends give it an aesthetic look, each set has two pieces. Its shape and design also enhance stability.

  • The attic ladder comes with a handrail that will assist as you climb up and down. The railing is painted red and mounted on the ladder’s angled brackets. You can mount it on either or both sides of the ladder to make climbing easier. The handrail is 29.5 inches long.
  • It also comes with a set of balustrade. An attic balustrade refers to a combination of spindles and handrails that enclose one or even both sides of a staircase.
    It protects you from falling through the attic floor’s opening. It will also help you climb back down. The balustrade is made from pinewood and measures 30 by 54 inches. Feel free to cut it if you need a perfect fit for a smaller rough opening. The balustrade is 43.25 inches high.
  • Installation brackets will facilitate the ladder’s installation in the ceiling.
  • The upper hatch helps to improve the ladder’s insulating parameters. Also, it prevents dust accumulation on the hatch and the steps of the ladder when closed. The upper hatch is 7.75 inches high and 1.375 inches thick.
  • Another useful accessory is a box extension that matches perfectly with the installed ladder’s box. It extends the aesthetic appeal of your ceiling’s opening. The height of the standard box is four inches and is made of pinewood.
  • Similarly, the ladder’s handle allows for closing the upper hatch from the ladder’s attic side, especially during maintenance work on the roof or attic.
  • An additional step makes it easier to climb the ladder. It increases the safety and comfort of access to your home’s attic. It is also recommended where the upper hatch is installed in a thick ceiling or on the attic ladder’s box. The additional step is usually installed between the floor of the attic and the ladder’s last step. The standard width of this step is usually 11.875 inches.

Fully Assembled And Ready To Install

The Fakro LWP 66804 insulated attic ladder comes fully assembled and ready to be installed. Accompanying it is an easy-to-follow installation manual with illustrations that make the process easy. Moreover, the installation process is not labor-intensive as it requires only two people to complete.

  • Easy to install since it comes already assembled with an installation manual
  • Can be adjusted to fit ceiling heights from seven feet, 10 inches to 10 feet, one inch
  • Has an insulated wooden door frame to reduce heat loss and, therefore, reduce energy cost
  • Well balanced door that closes and opens easily; no sudden movements
  • Can withstand a weight of up to 300 pounds and comes with warranty
  • The pinewood that makes the frame is soft and cracks easily
  • At 65 degrees inclination, the ladder is a little too steep

You might need to replace the worn-out parts of your Fakro insulated attic ladder. The most commonly replaced parts include handrails and ladder ends. You can purchase these from a certified Fakro dealer near you. Similarly, you can also buy them online.

Below I’ve listed some common questions that may pop up in your mind when looking for the best insulated attic ladder

Final Verdict

The Fakro ladder lets you utilize your otherwise unused attic spaces without the need for an extension ladder. It fits into 25- by 54-inch rough openings designed for ceilings of heights between 7.833 inches and 10.083 inches. This special ladder satisfies all safety and technical requirements.

As this best insulated attic ladder review suggests, this folding attic ladder is sure to maximize comfort and ease of use without the need to install time-consuming and costly staircases.

Also, the ladder can easily be fixed by two people, and you can easily adjust its height. Its thick rubber gasket is an efficient insulation between the boards and prevents heat loss. This attic ladder can give your 2-story house the true aesthetic look it deserves.

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