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FAKRO LSF ladder – Model 66859 is the best fire rated attic ladder money can buy now. LSF 66859 gives you the chance to enjoy two functions in one from just a mere ladder. The fire-resistant insulated steel scissor attic ladder ends the fire-related challenges by blocking fire and smoke from reaching the fire-free areas. On top of that, Getting to the ceiling has never been this easy.

That is not all. In this piece, I have laid out everything you need to know about FAKRO LSF 66859 model in today’s Fakro attic ladder review.

Let’s get going.

The Fakro LSF 66859 features insulated attic door and fire resistance as cherry on top. Here’s what I like most about this reliable attic ladder.

Installation is Straightforward

As long as you get the size that matches the installation opening, installing the fire-rated and insulated attic ladder is very easy. In short, the model fits perfectly through rough open ways sized 25-inch by 47-Inch.

Installing the attic ladder take less than 30 minutes to get everything set, and the installation cost was manageable as well.

Built Quality

Quality is everything when choosing the best ladder to access the attic. FAKRO LSF 66859 is entirely made of durable metal. This is another feature that moved me about this attic ladder.

The frame’s inner part is assembled with thick rubber gaskets that expand when exposed to higher temperatures. These gaskets tighten during expansion to prevent smoke from passing through to the higher space.

S-shaped Strings

Besides the practical functions or benefits of the FAKRO LSF 66859 ladder, let’s get to the aesthetic bit of it. The scissor-style of this ladder captured my eyes. I am confident that the style gives FAKRO LSF 66859 fire-resistant insulated steel scissor attic ladder a pleasant modern look. On top of that, the s-shaped strings offer comfortable hand support as you climb up.


With the ceiling height of 7 feet 2 inches, it is effortless to adjust the ladder. FAKRO LSF 66859 Scissor attic ladder 25 “x47” adjusts to a maximum height of 9 feet 10 inches. This means, if the ceiling height of your house falls somewhere between 7 feet and the ten feet, it’s perfect for you!

Need it to be longer than that? You can get additional steps for LSF 66859 online and extend the length of the ladder.

Insulated Door

The fireproof metal door resists high temperatures for about one hour and, at the same time, retains heat to save you energy costs. I was worried about experiencing sudden movements when opening or closing the door, but the door is very stable and well-adjusted.

Scissor Mechanism

The scissor opening system allows the ladder to open slowly and stay in position, preventing it from shutting with a bang. This mechanism collapses the ladder as it closes and expands it as it opens. The scissor-style uses a lot of spring and includes a control rod, brackets, trim, and a finished lid. Making it one of the best attic ladders for money.

  • Made of durable steel
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Ready to assemble
  • Resistant to fire
  • Sturdy and well-adjusted
  • A bit pricey
  • Requires a little force to expand

FAKRO LSF 66859 is covered by limited warranty. Besides, spare parts are available online so repairing any broken parts isn’t a problem for most cases.

FAKRO 860202 Step LSS-32

Incase a step is faulty or completely detaches from the ladder, there are steps replacement spares that you can purchase online at Amazon.

FAKRO 860202 Step LSS-32 fits perfectly to scissor attic ladders size 25 by 47 inches. You can also buy an additional step(s) if you want to increase your LSF ladder height.

Let’s have a look at the common questions asked by consumers of this product and their answers.

Final Verdict

The FAKRO LSF 66859 Fire-Resistant Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder is simply a strong-arm ladder for anyone who wants to access the ceiling and beyond. It is made of durable metal that is well-crafted to last long. I was fascinated by the quality, design, aesthetics, and functionality of this attic ladder. The hatch has a unique opening mechanism that allows the ladder to open slowly and prevents slam-shutting.

Other great features include the S-shaped strings, gasket insulation, comfortable steps, and the 300 lbs load capacity of the scissors attic stair. FAKRO 66859 is a perfect choice compact ladder, especially if you are looking for a ladder that will not take too much space in your house. It’s just perfect for the attic of your 2-story house.

On the other hand, you will get value for your money from this staircase. Installation costs for this best fire rated attic ladder are less than the cost of installing more complicated stairs. Reviews from many buyers state how straight forward installation of this ladder is, although some buyers feel that the size indicated is not the correct, you should have it inspected before making any hole in your ceiling.

Hope my fakro attic ladder review helps you get the best attic access ladder for your money.

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