One of the most underrated areas of a house is the ceiling. People rarely notice the ceiling of an establishment. But, if you want them to take a bow, you should kick it up a notch. Check out these amazing ceiling ideas to make those bland areas a bit fancier.


Luxurious Classical Architecture Ceiling

NJ Estates gave us another look into a luxurious type of raised ceiling. This design has more of a classical feel to it. This way, you will feel fancy every time you glance upwards.

Image source: NJ Estates

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Bordered Look Ceiling

Another simple design you could use is borders. By adding borders on your walls, the ceiling will stand out more. If you do not believe this, check out this photo from Wohnaccessoires. The black borders perfectly match the blue-green ceiling and the white walls.

Image source: Wohnaccessoires


Unique Paint Designs Ceiling

You can improve your raised ceiling’s look with a simple paint job. You don’t have to go overboard with it; make sure it’s applied well. Take a look at this photo from Debra Streise. The yellow stripes fit perfectly with the white ceiling and the black walls.

Image source: Debra Streisel


Metal Pole Attachments Ceiling

Raised ceiling design is not always about the “looks.” Sometimes, you can get an aesthetic feel while utilizing it at the same time. Just look at this idea from Bekki Marsh. With simple metal poles, you can have a stylish ceiling that you can also hang clothes on.

Image source: Bekki Marsh

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Sided Arch Design Ceiling

If you are not a fan of a rounded arch, you can always go for a sided one. It has a more stern look, plus it’s easier to design. Check out this example from Matthew Priest. It looks more like a half-hexagon, and it fits the room’s overall design.

Image source: Matthew Priest


Raised Window Ceiling

Sometimes, we cannot just add windows to our home. It does not mean that it should end there, though. Just check out this amazing idea from Roger Sharp. They installed the windows by the raised ceiling area. Aside from getting a view, you will get natural light as well.

Image source: Roger Sharp

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Outlined Partition Ceiling

It’s hard to come up with ideas when it comes to raised ceilings. Thankfully, this one from Jessica James is a slump buster. Add some discreet outlines on the sides, and you are good to go. Make sure it will match your wall’s color, though, or else it won’t make sense.

Image source: Jessica James


Rounded Ceiling

You don’t always have to go with a triangular or rectangular shape. If you want a different look, check out this image from Jessica James. Rounded raised ceilings are a thing. You can implement them in your house and have a unique look.

Image source: Jessica James


Minimal Ceiling Light

The best thing you could do for aesthetic ceilings is to go simple. To add some additional details, try minimal lighting. This idea from Sfschultz is the best way to go. Add a few mini spotlights up there, and your raised ceiling will look fabulous.

Image source: Sfschultz

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Suspended Wood Frame Ceiling

You don’t have to keep the details stuck on your ceiling. Look at Jessica James’s idea, for example. The wooden frames are suspended for a different look. It provides a structural design to the top, plus it complements the room.

Image source: Jessica James


Octagonal Outline Ceiling

Another excellent raised ceiling structure is shaped designs. Take a look at this sample from Kristine Lindgren. The octagonal shape amplifies the raised part well. Insert additional touches in there (like the chandelier) to make it stand out.

Image source: Kristine Lindgren


Individual Ceiling Look

One thing that will make your raised ceiling stand out is its design. If you have a white-colored background, use a different style for the raised part. If you don’t know how to do this, follow Emily Sullivan’s idea. This is the easiest thing you can do while renovating your ceiling.

Image source: Emily Sullivan

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Centralized Ceiling Structure

There are plenty of raised ceiling structures you could choose from. Here is Kim Smith’s idea; you will see the centralized style. The ceiling promotes a receding look on the sides. In the middle area, there is a box-shaped hole with a sunroof on top.

Image source: Kim Smith


Light Colored Ceiling

If you are not a fan of intense color palettes, look at Taylor Cerini’s idea. You can never go wrong with a clear, white-painted ceiling. The raised design will complement the color itself, providing a simpler look.

Image source: Taylor Cerini


Natural Wood Design Ceiling

Natural wood is always a good idea for additional design. If you are going for a raised ceiling, you could consider this option. Just look at how awesome Lisa Ashford’s idea is. The white paint complemented the natural wood aesthetic.

Image source: Lisa Ashford

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Abstract Raised Ceiling

Having an architect’s input is always a good idea. Just look at this amazing ceiling design from elenas.interiors. If you will observe the invention, it is an abstract look. You don’t even have to add a lot of attachments to it. Just install a few minimal lighting options, and you’re good to go.

Image source: elenas.interiors


Cross Style Ceiling Design

We can always input unique designs with our raised ceilings. If you are stuck with an idea, try checking out this one from kootenia. Just by simply placing a wooden cross between it, you can complete the ceiling’s aesthetic.

Image source: kootenia


Backlit Ceiling Edges

Ceilings are often unnoticed in a home. If you want to make things more interesting, try out luxuryhomescincinnati’s idea. Fill the edges of the roof with backlights for additional details. If this won’t grab your visitor’s attention, then I don’t know what will.

Image source: luxuryhomescincinnati

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Compressed Kitchen Ceiling

If you want to start renovating some areas in your house, try starting in the kitchen. To do that, you can follow peninsula_designcentre’s idea. Keep a close look by working on your raised kitchen ceiling. It may seem small, but it does keep everything looking intact.

Image source: peninsula_designcentre


Wicker Ceiling Elements

If you are looking for cheaper options, you could skip out on the chandeliers. Check out that_lyall_life’s idea on this image. Order some wicker lighting attachments and see how they can improve your ceiling’s look.

Image source: that_lyall_life


Extra Relaxing Bathroom Ceiling Element

If you want to enjoy your personal space, make your bathroom comfortable. You can add a few things to make this work. If you’re going to go big, follow livingstonedesignbuild’s idea. Renovate the whole place to add a raised ceiling, making it more spacious.

Image source: livingstonedesignbuild

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Sunroof as Ceiling

Having a sunroof in your house is always a good idea. It brings in natural light in the easiest way possible. For Instagram user homemaking_, one is not enough. They used the raised ceiling to install a lot of these, resulting in a well-lit room.

Image source: homemaking_


Joisted Ceiling

Speaking of joisted ceilings, look at this amazing work from maximillion_design. The finished look of the raised ceiling perfectly suits the room’s aesthetic. Instead of going with the dark paint job, they went for the wooden joists. As we can see, they made the right choice.

Image source: maximillion_design

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Pillared Look Ceiling

If you are a fan of modernized classical architecture, this one’s for you. Instagram user homedesignarchitects promoted this raised ceiling idea for homeowners like you. The wooden joists are firmly connected to the pillars. This provides a more structured and stylish look.

Image source: homedesignarchitects


Outdoor Aesthetic Ceiling

Can’t ceilings be placed outdoors? Instagram user keto.cari disagrees. Just look at how aesthetic those external raised ceilings are. It adds more space for light to come into the common area.

Image source: keto.cari

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Half-Raised Ceiling Design

You don’t need a whole raised ceiling to make it look good. Check out this design from gardenpatiosinc. The fireplace’s slanted look accents the structure of the ceiling. This looks better compared to standard designs.

Image source: gardenpatiosinc


Twin Chandeliers Ceiling Design

Certain items could make a place fancier. Most people prefer chandeliers, but thoresondesign decided to go with two! Just look at how the lighting improved the ceiling’s look. If you are planning to improve this part of the house, start with this.

Image source: thoresondesign

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Square Shaped Ceiling Design

Raised ceilings are often inclined, but having a square one makes things interesting. Just check out this idea from classic_homes_co. The bedroom setting improved because of the look. Just put a few lights in there, and you will hit the right mood.

Image source: classic_homes_co


Reinforced Wood Support Ceiling

Bare ceilings are considered old school these days. If you want a more modern look, try this idea from hamiltonhousehighfields. Give the ceiling a reinforced feel by adding wood braces. It looks stylish and secured at the same time.

Image source: hamiltonhousehighfields

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Central Ceiling Fan

The most common addition to any home ceiling is the central ceiling fan. There are many options you could go out there. For americanlegendhomes’ idea, they got a fan with additional lighting. This way, it could also act as a mini chandelier.

Image source: americanlegendhomes

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Last Word

Renovating and designing our house is never an easy task. You have to look at the details carefully and weigh out different options. If you are feeling stuck, you can always go through these raised ceiling ideas. You can find a few more concepts here.

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