When we think of our attics, “storage” is the word that usually comes to mind. This is because these rooms are treated this way for years. It does not have to be that way all the time, though. If you want to be creative with things, here my choice of 20 best attic storage ideas for every home.

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use your trusses as storage

Trusses are the prominent part of the attic itself, and you cannot get rid of them. If you are looking for creative attic storage, try CreativeDecors’ idea. Stack a few boxes or bins between your trusses using DIY shelves. They will look better there, and organizing them will not be a problem.

Image source: CreativeDecors


minimalistic tool rack storage in your attic

One of the most brilliant storage hacks you can use is to put a tool rack in your attic. Vanessa’s photo allows us to see how neat and organized is attic storage for tools and other related equipment. The simple design promotes a minimalist style, making each tool easier to see. Not to mention, the holders are a classy touch.

Image source: Vanessa


create a massive library in your attic

Let your attic hold the most satisfactory books you have. This post by Buzzfeed is for people who have lots of books in their house. To free up some space in your living room, start building your attic library now. You can also pair it up with unique carpets and floor mats.

Image source: Buzzfeed


install a lift system in your attic new

Setting your stuff in the attic is easy; getting them up there is the challenge. If you want to do this with ease, take a look at this post from Cathy Trulove. Having a personalized lift can make your attic trips easier. You can also give your back a break from lugging those boxes around.

Image source: Cathy Trulove


use your attic stairs as storage

Using your attic stairs as storage is not a bad idea. If you’re unconvinced, check out this photo from Once Wed. Install a few drawers within your stairs, and you are good to go! This is much more useful for small items, though.

Image source: Once Wed


built-In drawers as storage

This idea by This Old House is the oldest one in the book. To improve your attic’s storage capacity, you can add drawers inside the walls. This will make things much easier for you, and the room will be more spacious.

Image source: This Old House

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create an all-out cabinet in your attic

If you are not a fan of going simple, try this idea by DumpaDay.com. This cabinet looks normal at first glance, and the magic happens after you open it. You will find numerous shelves, drawers, and organizers inside. This is ideal for a loaded attic, and it can save you a lot of space.

Image source: DumpaDay.com


pull-out closet as storage

Take a look at this idea by Remodelaholic if you are a fan of space-saving cabinets. The pull-out closet is a great way to store your clothes and other essentials. The 5-layer storage on the left can hold a lot of your valuables too. Paired with colorful floor mats, this attic storage can improve the look of the entire room.

Image source: Remodelaholic


hanging rods as storage

You can always turn tight spaces into something useful and new! This idea by Kim Sanders displays cleanly arranged suits in L-shaped storage with hanging rods. On top of it is where he stored the small objects. If you want to maximize your attic space, then you should try this one.

Image source: Kim Sanders


maximize storage in your attic office space

Some of us enjoy our attics in a professional manner. With this idea from I Dream I Can Fly, you can do that. The cabinets’ placement by the computer desk is suitable for your files. The shelf beside the chair is ideal for smaller items and “trophies”

Image source: I Dream I Can Fly

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be creative with your attic space

This excellent idea by matthewmccrossanfurn shows that creativity always wins the day! The diversity of minimally lighted shelves created a balance. To spice things up, they added swivel chairs for total comfort.

Image source: matthewmccrossanfurn


attic within an attic as storage

If you have a spacious attic, try this idea posted by daishou_kensetsu. You can install some sort of stage inside the room and elevate it. This can give you more space to use the rest of the room for something else. You can use the additional area for storage, making your attic efficient.

Image source: daishou_kensetsu


budget-friendly metal shelves in your attic

Let’s try to look at this attic storage by dclutterbydelia. She placed metal shelves to hold things and prevent mess. These budget-friendly shelves will suit the minimal look that you always wanted. Plus, it is spacious.

Image source: dclutterbydelia


well-structured organizers as attic storage

Are you an extremely organized person? Then, this attic storage idea posted by inordertosucceed is your way to go. The stair shelves hold different labeled containers for essential belongings. This type of storage has plenty of dividers as well.

Image source: inordertosucceed


sliding door as your attic storage

A sliding door is one of the easiest ways to free up your space. Check out this idea by gruffarchitects. They added a cabinet by the desk for additional storage. By installing a sliding door, you can get through it without disturbing the person by the table

Image source: gruffarchitects

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hide your attic storage in plain sight

Behind every closed door is an opportunity. For psessions, behind every closed door is good storage! Clearly, there are no dividers inside. She painted it white to make it look clean and minimal too.

Image source: psessions


go cheap with plastic bins for attic storage

If you are looking for budget-friendly options, try hellohappyhome’s idea. You can use plastic bins to keep track of your stuff. Another fantastic idea is to label these bins. This will keep everything organized inside your house.

Image source: hellohappyhome’s

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continuous design for your attic storage

There is beauty in continuous designs. Take a look at this idea from labconstruction. They aligned the cabinets and painted them in a grey color. This promoted continuity in the simplest way, and they look magnificent.

Image source: labconstruction


continuous design for your attic storage

Using your attic as storage space is difficult, but it’s not impossible. You can create a beautiful room with the right resources. Check out this photo from Instagram user Moje potkrovlje. With a few strategic placements of wood, you can have a large cabinet for your items.

Image source: Moje potkrovlje


keep it stylish in your attic

It’s never too late if you have already renovated your attic. Let’s say you have a bedroom in it. You could check out this idea from Instagram user Sophie. You can never go wrong with a simple cabinet/nightstand featuring your bedroom’s colors.

Image source: Sophie

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Last Word

Getting in and out of the attic keeps you busy. That is why most people tend to leave these rooms cluttered. If you invest time and patience in your attic, you will get excellent results like these ideas. Start working on it today, use these best attic storage ideas as inspiration and you will have the most unique attic in the neighborhood.

Here’s some more inspirations for unfinished attic.

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