Attics are commonly used as storage spaces. The most efficient thing you can use for attic storage for the unfinished attic is shelves. Selves are tall, sturdy, and have a lot of space.

Today, you will find a list of clever shelf ideas for your attic. You don’t have to worry about starting from scratch. Just take a look at these best attic shelves photos, and you can continue from there.

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Personalized Shelf Stoppers for attic

Shelf stoppers are necessary if you are placing things that will occasionally fall out. That’s why DIY Joy promoted this idea, to begin with. If you have an attic kitchen, this is good for holding your canned goods. It’s also helpful if you have stuff that you want to protect or secure.

Image source: DIY Joy


Stacked Up Cylinders as attic shelf

Who would’ve thought that cylinders are good storage solutions? Just by looking at Trestle Glen Treasures’ idea, you’ll want to try it yourself. These round things are perfect for holding your shoes. You could use them for other stuff as well, such as clothes or collectibles.

Image source: Trestle Glen Treasures

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In-Wall Organizers for attic shelf

The attic is a good playroom for your kids. However, it’s not fun when they leave their toys around. That’s why Michelle Hilton promoted this in-wall shelf idea for parents. You can now organize their toys/books more efficiently, and it looks neater.

Image source: Michelle Hilton


Aesthetic Wall-Mounted Shelves as Attic Shelf

Most things look stylish when you mount them on your walls. Of course, that means shelves are not different. Just take a look at this awesome idea from Francisco J.Leyva. The wooden shelves are aesthetically placed by the wall’s corner, producing a more modern look.

Image source: Francisco J.Leyva

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Pull-Out Platform as attic shelf

This idea from Krisztian Bors is perfect if you have a huge attic. You can place the shelves on a movable platform and use the space behind it. This is an efficient storage idea, and it also looks innovative.

Image source: Krisztian Bors


Hidden Attic Shelves

Another way to hide your valuables is with ReComputing’s idea. In this photo, you will see numerous pull-out shelves for each family member. They made sure that the frames are built within the wall. It’s a lot more aesthetic, and it improves your privacy.

Image source: ReComputing


Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack as Attic Shelf

Having a lot of shoes goes both ways. It’s good because you can collect them, and it isn’t good because of storage. In this idea from Decorated Life, you can handle the latter more easily. Build a wall-mounted shoe rack, and your problems will easily be solved.

Image source: Decorated Life

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Partitioned Space as attic shelf

A neat attic is a stylish attic. To get the right look, you can install partitions that will hide your shelves. In Виктория Клименко’s idea, the frames are neatly placed inside the plastic section. Now, you can hide all your stuff if you want to.

Image source: Виктория Клименко


Rafter-Connected Attic Shelf

Since trusses were mentioned earlier, now we’re going to look into rafters. Rafters are also installed to make sure that the attic roof is secure. That means they are sturdy, and you can connect your shelves to them. Just look at how neat Danielle White’s idea is.

Image source: Danielle White

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Reinforced Wooden Shelves as attic shelf

Natural wood never goes out of style. What makes it even better is the additional reinforcement. Just take a look at this photo from Karen S. Just by joining thick pieces of wood, you’ll get proper shelves for the attic.

Image source: Karen S


Lightweight Shelves as Attic Shelf

If you think that lightweight shelves are worthless, you’re wrong! You can still use these for your collectibles. Just check out this simple idea from storagecafe_yardi. Only by looking at the shelves you can see the “nature” of it.

Image source: storagecafe_yardi

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Attic Ladder as attic shelf

If you seldomly go up there, you can use the attic ladder for storage. You can use room62_furniture’s idea as an inspiration. It’s better to use the ladder than to leave it hanging. It works as a shelf anyway, and a sturdy one at that.

Image source: room62_furniture


Adjustable Shelves as attic shelf

We all have different needs and requirements. Some of us use our attics for work, while others use it for hobbies. That is why the.handymans.daughter shared this excellent idea. Instead of getting a regular shelf, create an adjustable one for maximum efficiency.

Image source: the.handymans.daughter

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Pull-Out Shelves as Attic Shelf

Since the attic space is weird, you can only put so much in there. Sometimes, we can’t even place additional shelves in it. This is why ajwoodmagic promoted this idea. You can install pull-out shelves to store your things efficiently.

Image source: ajwoodmagic


Planks In-Between Trusses as Attic Shelf

Attics are often built with trusses to support the roof. These things are sturdy, and you can use them for storage as well. Check out this photo from taylorflanery. Thick wooden planks are inserted by the trusses to serve as DIY shelves.

Image source: taylorflanery

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Sturdy Metal Frames as Attic Shelf

Metal frames or shelves are underestimated because of their structure. Sure, they look thin and fragile, but they are quite sturdy. Just take a look at this photo from afreshspace. You can see numerous boxes stacked up on so-called “weak” shelves.

Image source: afreshspace


Transparent Bins as Attic Shelf

Transparent bins are underrated when it comes to shelf organizing. Some people underestimate these things, and thirdandlennox proved that they shouldn’t. Plastic containers can help you figure out which items you need to group and separate. Not to mention, they look cute because you can see the colors.

Image source: thirdandlennox

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Extremely Wide Spacing as Attic Shelf

If you have a big attic, then take advantage of that space. Check out this “overwhelming” idea from neatmethod. The shelves are built with wide spaces for huge stuff. Now, THIS is storage!

Image source: neatmethod


Compressed Spacing for Attic Shelf

Some people do not have enough space in their attic. This is why they adopt strategic placements in their attics. In this photo from our_shiloh_place, you will see a simple shelf by the corner. Its compressed design made the trophies stand out.

Image source: our_shiloh_place

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Reinforced Wine Cabinet as Attic Shelf

If you are a wine lover, this idea is perfect for you. Instagram user koen_timmer_interieur uploaded this wine cabinet idea for enthusiasts. Of course, you could also use it for your personal collections. The reinforced style gives it a more protected and secure look.

Image source: koen_timmer_interieur

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Last Words

Regular attic shelves are boring. Sure, you can spend money to improve them, but you might be wasting your time. Instead of doing that, create your unique attic shelf! You can use these best attic shelves ideas for inspiration anytime you want. You may find some more inspirations here.

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