Our kids are often scared to go inside attics. Of course, that is until you modify the room itself. If you want them to enjoy their space, turn it into a playroom. Get inspiration from these best attic playroom ideas for fun loving kids.

Get a safe attic access ladder before converting attic into a playroom.


set up a mini tool rack in your attic playroom

DIY Crafts, Home Decor and Party Ideas posted this fantastic photo of a “tool rack”. Instead of placing tools, you can put your kids’ toys in it. This will promote creativity for them. Not to mention, it may even inspire them to be a builder.

Image source: DIY Crafts, Home Decor and Party Ideas

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have an indoor jungle gym in your attic playroom

One of the best things in an elementary schoolyard is the jungle gym. If you have a spacious attic, you can have one in it. Check out this idea from Classy Clutter. You can build a DIY jungle gym for your kids to exercise in!

Image source: Classy Clutter


make room for friends in your attic playroom

Your child will learn more if they have friends to play with. Take a look at this design from Architectural Digest. The table and cushions are set for fun playtimes. This is also an excellent design for kindergarten lessons.

Image source: Architectural Digest


build an in-wall bookcase for your attic playroom

Some kids love playing, and some kids love reading. If your baby is like the latter, check out this idea from Veguci. The bookcase perfectly fits the attic playroom wall. The middle portion can have a soft cushion for your child to stay in.

Image source: Veguci

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creative lighting inside your attic playroom

Creative lighting is one of the easiest additions to interior design. You can get inspiration from Jennifer Fishkind’s idea. The place will look more elegant just by adding a few Christmas lights.

Image source: Jennifer Fishkind


rock climbing wall for your attic bedroom

Promote exciting activities to your kids by building a rock climbing wall. Just take a look at this incredible innovation from Katya Rennert. With a few sheets of plywood and rock climbing materials, you can easily do this. You’ll get excited just by looking at it.

Image source: Katya Rennert


make it challenging for your kids playroom

Children love to move around inside the house. Improve their experience with this excellent idea from Handmade Charlotte. By implementing this design, they will feel more challenged. Not to mention, it looks a lot more fun.

Image source: Handmade Charlotte

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input an actual house design in your kids attic playroom

Most children enjoy having a dollhouse at an early age. With Chuck Brown’s idea, they’re going to have more than that. They will have more fun with a mini house in the playroom. By the looks of it, they will enjoy this so much.

Image source: Chuck Brown


add another resting station in your kids playroom

It is important for children to have peaceful nap times. With Carol Blanchet’s idea, your kids can take breaks inside their attic playroom. With a little creativity, you can add a third bed on the room’s upper part. Now, it will feel like they are in a stylish bunker.

Image source: Carol Blanchet


install a tire swing in kids attic playroom

Who says tire swings are not fit inside your home? Well, this photo from BuzzFeed will prove them wrong. Your kids’ fun time will improve just by adding this in the attic playroom. Just make sure to secure its installation for maximum safety.

Image source: BuzzFeed

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combine light colors with natural light in your kids playroom

Natural lighting is the best choice for your kids’ attic playroom. This will save energy, and it can improve the room’s ambiance. Take a look at this design from theevergreenmethod. The room’s light colors become more vibrant when the external lighting strikes it.

Image source: theevergreenmethod


add a small basketball hoop in your kids attic playroom

If your kids are sporty, check out this idea from thirdandst.croix. You can attach a basketball hoop on the playroom door. With a few small balls, they will enjoy shooting hoops all day long. You can also teach and bond with them as they play.

Image source: thirdandst.croix


maximize the room for your kids attic playroom

You do not need to put a lot of things inside an attic playroom. This idea from lynelljmiller proves that. By maximizing space, the room can breathe more. This may increase your child’s comfort and productivity.

Image source: lynelljmiller

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ensure your kids comfort in their attic playroom

Playrooms can also be your kids’ nap areas. This is why it’s important to ensure their comfort in them. Check out this idea by shoannacrowell. The room is complete with a tent, a couch, and a soft bassinet.

Image source: shoannacrowell


organize your kids toys in their attic playroom

An organized playroom is a safe playroom. Just take a look at this amazing attic playroom by hazelhouseandearth. All the toys are neatly stacked in their places. The race track is also visible for anyone to see.

Image source: hazelhouseandearth


create a mini ranch in your kids attic playroom

One good thing about carpets is you can use them for playtimes. Check out this idea by theredbrickhome. You can create a mini ranch for your kids to play with. They can learn about different animals, and it’s cheaper.

Image source: theredbrickhome

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give your kids space in their attic playroom

Children need to have their own space. If you want them to enjoy this, try this idea by katelyn_colella. Build a tent in the attic playroom for them to rest in. They can also bring books and relaxing activities here.

Image source: katelyn_colella


secure the passages in your kids attic playroom

It’s fun playing in the attic, but it’s still a hazard. Children could easily fall down the stairs. If you will follow whitneywestinteriors’ idea, you can avoid this. Make sure that your children will not go up there unsupervised.

Image source: whitneywestinteriors


get your kids favorite colors as their attic playroom

Kids enjoy their rooms more if their favorite colors are in it. If you want a more effective playroom, consider this. Check out this great attic playroom from diymom.ca. It is clear in the picture that her daughter loves it.

Image source: diymom.ca


get your kids favorite colors as their attic playroom

The first thing to remember when designing a playroom is to keep it simple. Take a look at this sample from kcstyletrio. You can have a good attic playroom by neatly organizing the place. Adding an aesthetic carpet will also complete the look, and it’s gentle for your babies.

Image source: kcstyletrio

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Last Words

Building an attic playroom is the best gift you can give to your children. With the help of these best attic playroom ideas, you will do a great job! Just remember to ask your kids for their preferences. It will help them feel more comfortable inside the room, ensuring fun and joyful playtime.

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