Having a home office is common in most households today. I find that sweet spot in my house where I can improve my focus and productivity. This place does not have to be near the common area. Here’s my recommended best attic office ideas to make your attic a lovelier workspace.

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divide the room and use as attic office

It is ideal to know your place inside the attic office. If you have someone else working there, the division is critical. It ensures productivity, and it gives more privacy. Just take a look at this post from Bloglovin’ and find out.

Image source: Bloglovin’


stick to nature’s colors for your attic office

If you are a nature lover, this is an excellent idea. Hannah Stern posted this photo to remind us of our roots. By dwelling in nature’s colors, you will feel more alive. This goes perfectly with the other points in this article.

Image source: Hannah Stern

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build a bookcase for your attic office

Smart workers keep close to their resources. Get a good grasp of your knowledge by building a bookcase nearby. You can get an idea from Squarespace’s post. Having books nearby will also keep you entertained.

Image source: Squarespace’


consider your job type for your attic office

Your job has a significant impact on your attic office design. Take a look at this photo from Hongkiat.com. If you are going to examine it, this is the workspace of a photographer. Design your office according to your job for more comfort and productivity.

Image source: Hongkiat.com


invite some natural light in your attic office

Natural light is always better. It gives you a sense that you are still alive. Just look at how glowing this photo from Emily Lex looks. The room has a warm glow that will surely keep you working.

Image source: Emily Lex

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use stylish curtains in your attic office

Curtains function in the same way as carpets. They add aesthetic and efficiency in the room. Take a look at this idea from Shelterness. By adding stylish curtains, you will make your attic office more elegant.

Image source: Shelterness


the more, the merrier

If you like having your workmates over, try this idea from DigsDigs. Just make sure that your attic office is spacious enough. With the proper tables, you can have a team working with you every day.

Image source: DigsDigs

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make room for two in your attic office

We do not always have to work alone. Thankfully, One Kindesign just keeps on giving us fantastic ideas. Make room for your partner inside your attic office space. This may even keep you productive during your work hours.

Image source: One Kindesign

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hide space in your attic office

This idea from One Kindesign is the most unique one you will find. Instead of hiding in a room, create another one. You can do this with the help of foldable doors. It helps you isolate yourself for more focus and production.

Image source: One Kindesign


glance at the outside world from your attic office

It is okay to work hard, but not too much. Take a look at the outside world every now and then. You can do that by following this sample from Lushome. Simply place your desk by the window, and you have that opportunity.

Image source: Lushome

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mesmerizing walls inside your attic office

Having bare walls is never enough. If you want to improve your office’s looks, paint over it. Just look at this incredible work by artkasia.studio. With few artistic hands, you will have a spruced up attic office.

Image source: artkasia.studio


aesthetic lighting options only for your attic office

Nothing improves the workforce than the elegance of aesthetic lighting. You could get inspiration from smartstudio_arq’s idea. The well-placed overhead lights add a lot of style. Not to mention, the LED backlight of the board makes the room classier.

Image source: smartstudio_arq


keep it minimal in your attic office

More space equals more comfort. If you want to stay productive, keep the clutter minimal. Check out this photo by ne2love. The small table and chair keep everything intact, including your productivity.

Image source: ne2love

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use bricks for contrast in your attic office

One of the oldest design tricks is contrasting. Take a look at this idea from Instagram user mrsphome. By painting everything white, there is a clear base to work on. The only eye-catching thing in the room is the brick wall, and it is aesthetic.

Image source: mrsphome


promote life with plants

Office workers often feel like zombies whenever they get out of work. Thanks to this idea by smdesignsinc, you won’t have to be this way. Add a plant in your room, and you will feel more alive than usual. Nature’s presence has an odd way of rejuvenating people.

Image source: smdesignsinc


bring out your own colors

A bare room is a dull room. Make your workspace more lively with clortycatcrafts’ idea. Add these vibrant colors to your room for more vibrance. They will certainly keep you going throughout the day.

Image source: clortycatcrafts

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build a wall shelf for your attic office

Adding regular shelves to your room eats up more space. Instead of doing these, why not try anthesis.supply’s idea? Build the shelves by your wall, and you can save place. Not to mention, it looks classier and more organized.

Image source: anthesis.supply


keep the bare wood in your attic office

When you are upgrading your attic, you don’t need to fix everything. Take a look at usmmodularfurniture’s post. After painting the walls purely white, they left the wooden pieces as is. It does give a more aesthetic feel, and it fits the room nicely.

Image source: usmmodularfurniture


place a stylish carpet in your attic office

Sometimes, a carpet is the only thing we need to finish our room’s stylish look. Check out this post by essentiallycarter. Simply placing a worn-out carpet underneath the desk makes the difference. You can try this idea for your own attic office and see the results yourself.

Image source: essentiallycarter

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keep it clean in your attic office

You cannot work properly if the place is messed up. Just take a look at marinacabero’s Instagram post. Her workspace has limited items, making it breathe more. If you want an effective attic office, here is where you start.

Image source: marinacabero

Last Word

Having an attic office is ideal in this day and age. If you are a virtual worker, this could help you in various ways. Consider these best attic office ideas for building a unique attic office. Who knows, you might even start your own business there. Read my blog on How to choose the right attic windows and Make the Most of Your Attic. Explore some more ideas here.

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