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Attic ladders help us get access to the attic safely. Louisville Elite AA2210 is the best attic ladder for the buck. Then comes the runner up FAKRO LST 860432 Steel Scissor Attic Ladder. LST 860432 is a bit pricy but totally worth it. Keep in mind, Ladder access to livable space can be a deficiency.

In today’s post I’ll share my professional insights and findings on picking the right attic ladder for the job based on your needs. The goodies don’t stop there. Keep on reading and let me unfold the mystery of your attic. This is the only blog you’ll ever need to make the right decision on getting the perfect attic ladder for your need.

Whether wooden, aluminum, or steel, you will go up with the best attic ladders out there on the market. Did you know that installing most attic stairs is a DIY project? Well, you now do.

You and I should stop seeing attics as dingy, scary spaces that we avoid frequenting. Instead, we should transform them into extra rooms, storage spaces, and home offices. But before that happens, we need to gain access in the best way possible.

In this guide, I will take you on a stairs’ trip, and by the time we are through, you will have nowhere else to look. Unmistakably, this is the read that will buy your way up.

Access to the attic granted, and now, let’s elevate!

Product NameProduct ImageSpeciality Key FeaturesQuick Links
Louisville Elite AA2210Best Aluminum Attic Ladder
  • Overall Best Attic Access Ladder
  • Fitted with Gas Springs
  • Suitable for long-time use 
Louisville L305PBest Wooden Attic Ladder
  • Heavy and Reliable Wooden Ladder
  • Suitable for frequent use
Fakro LWP 66804Best Insulated Attic Ladder
  • Handrail and other add-ons for enhanced functionality
  • Suitable for DIY installation
Louisville AL228PBest High-Ceiling Attic Ladder
  • Meets ANSI and OSHA standards  
  • Suitable for 10ft to 12ft ceiling heights  
FAKRO LST 860432

Best stylish attic ladder fakro

Best Stylish Attic Ladder
  • Well built with Steel
  • Suitable for modern homeowners  
Youngman 301001Best Telescopic Attic Ladder
  • Vertical Telesteps Extension Ladder 
  • Suitable for Compact Places 
FAKRO LSF 66858Best Fire Rated Attic Ladder
  • Stylish yet convenient
  • Suitable for Lab, Garage and other places with potential fire hazard
Defrigus Automatic Attic LadderBest Electronic Attic Ladder
  • Multipurpose, can be operated both Electronically and Manually
  • Suitable for heavy lifting and stylish modern homes  
Werner Ladder AA1510BBest Compact Attic Ladder
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Suitable for tight spaces and small attic rough openings
Werner Attic Ladder AH2510Best Folding Attic Stair
  • Fitted with Gas Struts for better resistance
  • Suitable for high traffic attic

An attic ladder is a staircase or a ladder that you use to access the space between the roof and ceiling; the attic. Attic stairs are a far cry from other stairs because of their insulation value. Efficient attic stairs have modifications to ensure that there is temperature control in a house.

Attic stairs are permanent and pre-planned, while an attic ladder is retractable and replaceable (somewhat temporary). Permanent staircases are part of the architectural design and construction of any house if it a story building. Thus, they require professional expertise. On the contrary, ladders are add-on extras that come pre-assembled and are ready-to-install units. Most ladders are DIY projects, therefore requiring little technical skill.

Also, you can adjust attic stairs, as in folding and putting them away. However, you cannot do the same with L-shaped or winder stairs. These stairs serve a single purpose – access to the upper rooms.

According to IRC section 311.5 and onwards, If you are using your attic as a livable area (Bedroom, Guestroom, Apartment, Nursery etc.) you can not use an attic ladder to access the loft. You’ll need an attic stair for that.

Like everything else finding the best is a tiresome task. I’ve picked the best loft ladders below based on their functionality, use case, value for money, ease of installation and after sales service. I hope this attic ladder review section serves the purpose and help you get the most suitable attic ladder for your need.

Best Attic Access Ladder

Louisville Elite AA2210 Review

Best Overall Value for Money Best Aluminum Attic Ladder Metal Attic LadderAccordion Attic Ladder Hydraulic Attic Stairs

Louisville AA2210 Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder is a highly-rated and well-priced product. In that case, it is a suitable aluminum attic ladder. The ladder fits ceiling heights between 7ft 8in to 10ft 8in, therefore adjustable. Also, it is a relatively light ladder but a heavy-duty one. It can withstand at least seven times its weight. How about that!


  • Lightweight, thus convenient to fit
  • Fitted with slip-resistant rungs
  • Gas springs, so you won’t have to worry about rusting
  • Feet are adjustable for extra stability and ease of installation
  • Has hydraulic arms, for smooth opening and closing


  • The wooden parts may make it flimsy

Key Features of Louisville Elite AA2210 Aluminum Attic Ladder

  • Lightweight

This AA2210 model weighs about 49 pounds, making it one of the lightest ladders on this list. Mind you, the average weight of all the ladders here is 67.9 pounds.

  • Gas Springs

Unlike other ladders that use the metallic spring style, this AA2210 uses smooth-operating and durable gas springs. These cylinders (or springs) use compressed gas that resists external force exerted when you pull the ladder down.

  • Aluminum Structure

Most of the ladder’s parts are of this element, one that doesn’t lose toughness easy. It means that the aluminum attic access ladder will perform optimally for a very long time.

  • Grooved Steps

The ladder’s steps have grooves built on them. They make sure that once you step on a rung, your foot stays in place. These items are more or less like friction reducers.

I may have skipped a few more specs and other technical details, you can check the detailed specifications here.

What Buyers Say

The choral effect on the attic ladder reviews sounds that this is one well-built, sturdy ladder. Also, closing and opening it is like taking candy from a baby. The installation is quite easy and is an almost-zero process.

However, if you take up the fitting as a DIY, do it without force to avoid breaking the shims. Better still, have plenty of them (the shim) because their breaking is somewhat inevitable.

Also, be advised to use abrasive cutting heads and a Dremel craft tool when making adjustments to the ladder. You can find these tools from a hardware vendor. If you have a wooden attic ladder, be sure that getting this product will be a 100% upgrade.

The tiny, almost negligible problem with the ladder is that the wooden parts make it seem flimsy.

Check out reviews of recent buyers for the AA2210 model.

Why it stands out to me

Gas springs are a fascination if you are used to steel springs. The gas pistons look so unique, and the ladder doesn’t close creakingly as it would if it had ordinary metallic springs.

Plus, have you ever heard about a metal that is lighter than wood?

Well, that is what the aluminum in this model is. This lightness makes it easy to install. I mean, there is a ladder that weighs 138 pounds. That would break your back almost thrice as much as the Louisville AA2210 Elite Aluminum ladder would.

One more thing is that the holes in the ladder are pre-drilled. Compared to other installations, you would be required to drill the holes yourself. Then, you would need to get some tools that you probably don’t even have.

With that move, the manufacturer wanted to make the installation effortless for their client. If that isn’t a customer satisfaction move, then I don’t know what is.

The ladder is available with Amazon, check current deals and offers here.

Who will find it most useful

Those who frequently access their attic will surely enjoy the sturdiness of this unit. The upping and downing isn’t something that the Louisville AA2210 Elite Aluminum ladder can’t handle.

If your attic is supposed to be a beehive of activity, take this one into your house. Just keep the up-and-down below the 375-pound mark.

Final verdict

If you love an item’s longevity as I do, then look no further. The Louisville AA2210 Elite Aluminum ladder will serve you for so long, well, as long as you don’t pound it beyond 375.

The ladder’s rungs may be standard, but the styling is elite, just as its name suggests.
The ladder doesn’t sway or creak, it is easy to deploy and restrict, and its installation is so straightforward. With these elite reasons, I wouldn’t leave it behind – no questions asked.

Check the elite’s buying options here.

How to Install Louisville AA2210 Elite

The Elite Model comes with a guide (download here), and of importance is reviewing the warning page for essential tips, dos, and don’ts. Apart from the guide, check out the ladder’s installation video. What Louisville Ladder captures there is a little different from what you will do since the video is a reference for other Elite models. However, it doesn’t make it irrelevant, so go for it.

FAQ of Louisville AA2210 Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder

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Best Wooden Attic Ladder

Louisville L305P Review

Wide Openings Steep Attic Staircase Heavy Duty Attic Ladder Wide Pull Down Attic Stairs

This wooden, reasonably-priced, and strong Mexican Big Boy appears on the list. It is relatively heavy, its weight being 70 pounds.


  • A very reliable, heavy-duty item
  • Extra wide openings upping its convenience in terms of usage
  • Spacious steps for more foot room
  • Adjustable fitting ceiling heights of between 8 and 10 ft
  • Opening and closing the ladder is smooth and easy


  • Not easy to install as a DIY project
  • Uses metallic springs, which are a downgrade from gas cylinders

Key Features of Louisville L305P Big Boy Attic Ladder

  • Strong and Sturdy

The L305P is heavy-duty, and it can accommodate about 350 pounds in weight. Do not worry about getting to close to the mark, say 325lbs. The ladder will not flinch, trust me on that.

  • Wide Opening

With a width of 30 inches, this ladder gives you comfort while passing through its door. It means that you plus a heavy load can get through the opening without any hassles.

  • Riveted Metal Hinges

These hinges reinforce the ladder’s stability by avoiding side-by-side motion.

  • Reinforced Steps

Each step has a wire rod under it, making the unit tough. Also, the rungs are wide enough to accommodate both feet.

For more on it’s weight, load capacity etc. check detailed specs here.

What Buyers Say

The attic ladder reviews by amazon buyers speak of the unit’s ruggedness and strength, making it a heavy-duty attic ladder and probably the best wooden attic ladder. The experience with the ladder is the same as that of walking up a steep staircase.

One thing they reiterate about it is its installation. Fitting it is not as straightforward, and you may require professional help.

Read more buyers feedback and ratings on amazon here.

Why it stands out to me

You and I may doubt many of this unit’s qualities but not its strength. Its wide opening means that big boxes can pass back and forth without needing to be unpacked. The ladder takes convenience to a whole different level! Not only that, it is conveniently available for online purchase on amazon too.

Who will find it most useful

If you’ve got a whole load of holiday decoration you want to store in the attic, this ladder is your way up. Replace that rickety-looking ladder – the one you need to say ‘Godspeed’ before climbing.

This unit will serve you well if you keep frequenting your attic to place and get stuff. The ladder’s heavy-duty feature will bear your weight without snapping at all.

Check size and other specs here.

Final verdict

It may not be of aluminum or steel, but the wooden Louisville Ladder L305P is one solid unit. Having more room for your foot when you step makes you feel safe, and that is what this ladder will offer you. I would take it without hesitation because what matters is that it can withstand usage without cracking or breaking. I mean – isn’t that it? It may not be as fancy or good-looking, but if it can get me up and down safely, I’m going for it. You should, too. Check ongoing deals and offers on Amazon.

How to Install Louisville L305P

Most people don’t find it easy to do the installation by themselves. However, if you’re an ambitious DIY expert, do it, but with loads of caution. The package comes with a user manual that assists you every step of the way.

FAQ of Louisville L305P Big Boy Attic Ladder

Best Insulated Attic Ladder

Fakro LWP 66804 Review

Wooden Attic Ladder Impressive R-value DIY attic ladder

The FAKRO LWP 66804 is one of the best wooden attic ladders in the market. It is a quick-and-easy one to install, and it provides you with convenient access to your attic.


  • Easy to install, needs little professional know-how
  • Comes with additional accessories to make the up-and-down experience worthwhile
  • Beautifully designed ladders, made with long-lasting hardware items
  • Ladder feels polished and well-built when opened fully
  • Its adjust-ability lets the user enjoy a firm unit
  • Door and its jamb are well-insulated
  • You don’t have to be in the attic to install it, and you can install it from below the ceiling


  • Pinewood, the material used to make it is a softwood
  • Wood, as you probably know, is not fireproof

Key Features of Fakro LWP 66804 Insulated Attic Ladder

  • Adjustable

Depending on your ceiling’s height, you can adjust this unit between 10 inches and 7 feet to 10 inches. This feature makes you able to tweak it so that it fits perfectly. To tweak means that you can saw off some inches at the ladder’s end. Doing it well means that you’ll enjoy full stability anytime you pull it down.

  • Non-slip steps and metal handrails

FAKRO equips this ladder’s rungs with anti-friction treads to make them non-slip. Then, they couple up these fittings with metal handrails. They make sure it is safe for everyone to go in and out of the attic. The metal handrail may or may not come with the ladder. If they don’t, you can buy them separately on Amazon.

Check more specs and details on here.

What Buyers Say

On the attic ladder reviews, customers praise this unit because of its ease of installation and excellent design quality. They say that the guide’s directions are easy to follow for any proficient DIYers.

The downside is that the package doesn’t come with the plastic ends and mounting hardware (screws, shims, etc.).

More of recent buyers opinion here.

Why it stands out to me

Compared to other brands on the market, this unit has an impressive R-value of 5.9 because of sandwich insulation. Contrasted with non-insulated models, it offers 98% fewer air leaks and saves you 78% of energy loss.

These bits of information mean that the attic’s hot air finds it difficult to penetrate down the ladder’s door to the rooms below. An airtight door means heat won’t be a bother. Would you want to get heated up without asking for it? I’m guessing not, so go and get FAKRO LWP 66804, the best attic access ladder available.

Also, FAKRO gives you a 2-year warranty for your purchase. Buying it is just like trying a 24-month risk-free project. Why wouldn’t you take it up? Review price and buying options here.

Who will find it most useful

Households with young ones who like ghost hunting in the attic will best enjoy the ladder’s utility value. The unit is GE-rated, meaning that it is safe for the entire family to use. The only minus is that it is not for anyone above 300lbs.

You will also slip and fall in love with this unit because of how effortless it is to install. This unit is by far the best DIY attic ladder. More on the ladder’s convenience here.

Final verdict

The FAKRO LWP 66804 is your to-take item. What particularly impresses me about the unit is the treads on the side rails. Also, it has dovetail joints (too technical? I apologize). You need to know that these joints interlock two wood pieces, making it difficult to pull the ladder apart. The item remains stronger than full-blown, angrily green Hulk.

When you purchase this unit, you will get value for your money. The ladder gets green light on all the following checklist items:

  • Attic ladder rough opening
  • Ceiling height adjust-ability
  • Insulation (or R-value)
  • Weight-hold capacity

So, why don’t you go for FAKRO LWP 66804?

How to Install FAKRO LWP 66804

This unit is easy to install, and you only need to have primary skills before fitting it on your own. It comes with an international instructional guide (download here) with pictures only, but not many details. If you’re not a woodwork expert, you might want to show the guide to whoever is going to sell you the parts/equipment.

Together with the guide, I suggest that you look at the company’s installation video. The DIY experience will be better than if you use the instructional guide alone.

If this DIY thing sounds overwhelming, you will need to pay a handyman to do the job. They could charge you between $268 and $560. It is all up to you to go either way.

FAQ of Fakro LWP 66804

Read my detailed review on the best insulated attic ladder Fakro LWP 66804.

Best 12 Ft Attic Ladder

Louisville AL228P Review

Extra long attic ladder 12′ attic ladder High-Ceiling Attic Ladder Heavy Duty attic ladder

AL228P 12′ Aluminum Attic Ladder is Louisville Ladder’s tallest development. It is a 12 ft attic ladder capable of fitting any ceiling height between 10 and 12 feet high. That height makes it one of a kind, and the best high-ceiling aluminum attic ladder. Also, it pull-down technology makes it one of the best pull down attic ladders.


  • Comes with a hook fastened on a pole to make the door opening and closing easy
  • Included support straps make installation effortless
  • Mostly aluminized, thus making it a durable unit
  • Metal handrailsfor safety when upping and downing
  • Hinge work reinforces its toughness and one feels safer stepping on the rungs


  • The ladder wooden frame is of pinewood, a softwood
  • The fastening used is by staples, which are not as strong as screws

Key Features of Louisville AL228P 12′ Aluminum Attic Ladder

  • Height Advantage

A 12’ attic ladder is not something you see every day. Tall ladders are rare, but they’re there, and here’s one.

  • Super Stability

For such a long ladder, sturdiness is crucial. The construction design and the material (aluminum) combine to give the ladder the sturdiness it needs.

  • Compact Ladder design

when closed, the parts of the ladders get squeezed together, making the unit to be tightly packed and taking little space, one of the best compact attic ladders.

  • Sturdy Hinge Work

The hinges make the ladder heavy-duty, supporting up to a mass of 350 pounds.

Details on specs and features are available here.

What Buyers Say

Customers rave about the height capabilities of these attic ladder stairs – there are so many stairs on them. Also, it is relatively light, weighing 63.9 pounds, against an average of 67.9 pounds. Its installation, however, is not easy and needs at least two well-built people.

The disadvantageous aspect is that it can become tough to pull the ladder since the tension is somewhat high. At one time, you may need a ladder to get this Louisville Ladder AL228P down!

Read why recent shoppers love and hate the Louisville ladder here.

Why it Stands Out to Me

Ceiling heights above 10ft are not easy to find, and so is this ladder. The fact that it can scale great heights – that alone – makes it conspicuously unique.

Who will find it most useful

If you say ‘check’ on any of the following items, this unit is yours to take:

  • Your ceiling height is at least 10ft
  • You have trusses – those beams that create a rigid structure
  • Your attic’s access area is the garage

Final verdict

When you’re on any ladder, the thing that rings in your mind is how safe you are up there. Will my weight be too much for the ladder to handle? Will it snap, break, and bring me down in the Humpty Dumpty style? With the Louisville Ladder AL228P, you don’t need to worry about that. This heightened ladder meets the ANSI and OSHA standards. It means that it is safe for consumption.

I’d take this, and I’m sure you would too since we both care about safety. Also, tall, dark, and hard some ladders are difficult to find. Get this stern unit and step up with calmness.

How to Install Louisville AL228P 12′

The installation kit contains a user manual (Download here) for this AL228P model. Before fitting the ladder, you need to ensure that your ceiling height corresponds to the ladder length. If the ladder is shorter than the ceiling’s height, return it for an exchange.

FAQ of Louisville AL228P 12′ Aluminum Attic Ladder

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Best Stylish Attic Ladder

FAKRO LST 860432 Review

Best Steel Attic Ladder Heavy Attic Ladder

If this isn’t the best stylish attic ladder, then I don’t know which one is. This unit has a great modern, scissor-style look that makes it stand out among most of the ones in this list. It is quite heavy, weighing about 88 pounds.

Click to View and Zoom Photos


  • The material of construction is steel: resilient, durable and heavy-duty metal
  • Included support straps make adjustable feet to fit ceiling heights of up to 9ft
  • Its door is insulated to mitigate heat effects on the rooms below the attic
  • Stylish eye-catching design
  • It is well pre-assembled thus effortless to install


  • The opening is a little too small
  • Relatively expensive

Key Features of Stylish Fakro LST 860432 Insulated Steel Attic Ladder for Rough Openings

  • Made of Steel

FAKRO choice of material for this ladder is undoubtedly brilliant. Steel is one of the most physically hardy metals, and it guarantees the longevity of the ladder. Also, steel makes it sturdy so that it can withstand its 300-pound weight limit. It’s a great combination of style and sturdiness.

  • Ingenious Design

The steel parts are in S-like shapes, fixed at strategic points using tightened nuts. This design gives the ladder a modern, impressive look.

  • Insulated Door

This feature assigns the ladder an R-value of 5.2, making it your to-go item if the heat from the attic is a little too much.

  • Easy to Operate

The ladder uses the pull-down mechanism and is easy to pull out, pull back and pull away.

Other notable features of the Fakro LST 860432 can be found here.

What Buyers Say

Not to sound corny, but customers are in love with the FAKRO LST 860432. Apart from looking great, the ladder is well-built and sits firmly on the floor when pulled down. When pulled back, it remains compact, so it doesn’t take much space.

You can execute the installation as a DIY, making this a DIY loft ladder. Because of its weight, it needs more than one person to lift it for a smooth installation process.

The only turn off is that the rough opening dimensions are a little too small. Also, the ladder is small in terms of the length of its rungs. Funny enough, you may fail to fit on it.

Check out detailed specs of the ladder and see if it’s the right one for you.

Why it stands out to me

Aesthetics – that’s it.

The FAKRO LST 860432 has a neat appearance, and there’s no argument to that. It fits well in small areas and is easy to use.

Also, the ladder is adjustable, taking care of ceiling heights between 7ft2in to 9ft6in. Making the adjustments doesn’t need you to saw or blade anything. You just need to untighten the nuts. How convenient is that on a scale of 1 – 10? 76, give or take.

It is very considerate that the manufacturer assembles it completely since this saves time during installation. Also, the FAKRO 2-year warranty is a good thing. The ladder wouldn’t fail to impress me, but if it did, I would still raise my case with the warranty in hand.

Style meets the built quality and service. See how beautifully constructed ladder it is here.

Who will find it most useful

If you are a lover of style, this steel beauty is yours. The ladder doesn’t take much space, and I’m sure that’s a plus for you. Also, its toughness and stability support constant back-and-forth movement. So if there any toddlers, they can use the attic as their new hiding spot. Bring it as a gift for the family from amazon here.

Final verdict

This unit is the definition of style, and I would like to be impressed anytime I pull down my attic’s door. Its price tag may seem a little high, but you’ll get more than the ladder.

When you make the payment, you get elegance, durability, stability, smooth operation, and insulation. Doesn’t that sound extremely rewarding? I bet it does. You can get the whole package online, at your convenience here.

How to Install Fakro LST 860432

As part of the technical specifications, the package includes three guides which are the installation manual, (download here), the specification sheet (download here) and the user guide (download here). Those documents are more than enough to get you started on the installation. Before you install it, I recommend that you get some sort of help to lift the ladder and hold in place.

FAQ of Fakro LST 860432 Insulated Steel Attic Ladder for Rough Openings

Best Telescopic Attic Ladder

Youngman 301001 Review

Best Small Attic Ladder Best Telesteps Attic Ladder Vertical Attic Ladder

A ladder inspired by the telescope! This English, silver-colored, 28.6-pound unit is one of the lightest on this list, and pleasing to the eye indeed. The telescopic loft ladder by Youngman is a small space attic ladder, taking less footprint.


  • Long-lasting as aluminum is the material of making it item
  • Relatively light, thus easy to install
  • Anodized finish to prevent corrosion and scratches
  • No need to cut anything to make adjustments
  • Treads are extra-wide, giving more foot room


  • Sometimes gets stiff

Key Features of Youngman 301001 Telescopic Aluminium Loft Ladder

  • Thickened Aluminum

They call it anodized, but who understands that? The manufacturer adds another metal on the ladder’s aluminum to make it resistant to scratches. Therefore, it maintains its shine for a long time.

Also, the thickened material makes it a sturdy construction and guarantees its longevity.

  • Telescopically Stylish

The pull-out, pull-up, and pull-down mechanisms are the same as those applied on a telescope. With that, Youngman loft ladder gets a tick on matters design.

  • Easy to Install

Look at its weight: less than 40 pounds the average on this list. The lightness makes it easy to lift and using the mounting brackets, no sweat to install.

  • Fitted with Rubber at its Feet

The rubber fittings make sure that the floor remains unscratched, and the ladder doesn’t slip.

Other features that I didn’t cover can be found here.

What Buyers Say

This telescopic attic ladder has buyers repeatedly talking about its relative ease of installation. An average non-professional person can fit it just by following the given instructions.

Its compactness is also surprising since it occupies very little space when pulled down. The pull-out mechanism makes it one of the best extension ladders.

There is this one caveat, though – when folding it away, you may have trouble latching the unit onto the supporting brackets.

Here’s some more feedback from buyers.

Why it stands out to me

301001 vertical attic ladder goes straight to the front-line in the battle for the best stylish attic ladder title. Apart from style, the ladder wins my heart with its weight to load capacity ratio. It can support up to 150kg (330 pounds), and that’s incredible. Comparing that to its weight means that the unit supports up to 12 times its weight! That there is the craziest fact ever. Here are some more crazy facts about this ladder.

Who will find it most useful

If you are looking for a light ladder to make your way up, get your hands on this telesteps attic ladder. If the room below your attic has little space, and you need a small ladder that takes less footprint, here is your winner. If the hatch of your attic and the space inside it is small, this 301000 model will work pretty well.

Final verdict

Style, robustness and durability, a one-year warranty, compactness, ease of installation – these aspects glorify the Youngman 301000. This small attic ladder will serve you well with little inconvenience. It is relatively cheap since it costs around the average price of an attic ladder. For that price, I would take it without dawdling because it comes in a thick shade of class and elegance. Get it online from here.

How to Install Youngman 301001

This unit is a DIY loft ladder. It comes with instructions that may seem pretty unclear at first, but studying the pictures will make installation easy. Youngman provides a video as a reference for the installation manual.

FAQ of Youngman 301001

Best Fire Rated Attic Ladder

FAKRO LSF 66858 Review

Steep Attic Staircase Heavy Duty Wooden Attic Ladder

Here, we meet a weighty blaze blocker – a fire rated attic ladder and one of the best attic stairs in the market. Just like other FAKRO models, it has a white-finished and thickly-insulated door to take care of the attic heat issue.


  • Fireproof blocking blazes and smoke if a fire problem occurs
  • Durable the steel could go for one eternity, or two
  • Insulated door to increase energy efficiency
  • Stylish with a purpose
  • Can be extended to fit higher ceilings with just an extra purchase


  • DIY is tasking

Key Features of FAKRO LSF 66859 Fire-Resistant Insulated Steel Scissor Attic Ladder

  • Fireproof

With a fire resistance mark of EI2 – 60 minutes, you can rest assured that your ladder won’t burn down. The gasket fitted in the ladder’s frame expands when the heat is at its extreme. This expansion means that the door becomes tight and prevents smoke from escaping to the higher/lower rooms.

  • Adjustable and Extendable

The ladder can fit heights between 7ft2in and 9ft10in. Also, you can extend it as long as you want by getting an extra step from amazon.

  • Stylish

This is the second ladder in this list that uses the S-shaped strings, and its FAKRO again. The design is upscale, and their shine tops it off impressively.

Apart from looking good, the S-shaped strings assist you in climbing up and down, serving the role of handrails. That’s what is called beauty and brains.

  • Sturdy

The unit is a heavy 138-pound metallic construction, which means it is very robust. It accommodates up to 300 pounds of weight load.

Read more about it’s fire rating, adjust-ability and other features here.

What Buyers Say

Albeit being highly-priced, this LSF model is easy and fast to install. Operationally speaking, the ladder opens and closes slowly, and you won’t feel the frustration of a slammed door. The steps have particular embossment that makes them non-slip. Also, its two-year warranty gives customers the confidence to try it risk-free, of course, with certain conditions.
The only minus is that the ladder’s stairs are narrow.

Here’s some more insights from most recent buyers.

Why it stands out to me

What feature sweeps me off my feet – its resistance to burning! I have looked at the fire resistance testing release, and I am impressed. A highlight from the report is that while it was in the furnace, the unit met all the test center’s temperature requirements.
Second to that is its style – modern, purposeful, and quite frankly, high-class.

Who will find it most useful

If your area has a fire problem, this ladder will help you stay on top of the situation. If you need something robust to hold you and your boxes as you go up, the FAKRO LSF 66859 is the thing. Just remember not to get too close to the 300-pound mark.

Final verdict

This LSF model is the most expensive, and I wouldn’t feel a pinch buying it because it is outstanding. I would pay for its solidity since you can never go wrong with steel. Also, its stylishness is purposeful and not merely decorative. I wouldn’t have to buy metal handrails separately. The S-shaped strings are the safest and most with-it way to get to your attic. The sixty minutes of fire resistance is also a big plus.

Get this safe and classy attic stair online here.

Installation Tips

FAKRO sets you up with three documents to help you with fitting the unit, which are installation instructions, (download here), technical specifications, (download here) and the user manual (download here). Also, there is a demonstration video prepared by FAKRO on how to operate the attic ladder.

FAQ of FAKRO LSF 66859

Here’s my in depth review of FAKRO LSF 66859.

Best Electronic Attic Ladder

Defrigus Remote Control Attic Ladder

Best Automatic Attic Ladder Wide Attic Stairs Small Space Attic Ladder Telescopic Attic Ladder Heavy Duty Attic Ladder

We are finally on this unit – the best electronic ladder. Of all the ones listed here, this model is the only automatic attic ladder.


  • Electronically operated so you won’t sweat pulling it up and down
  • Wooden insulated door promoting air ventilation
  • Sturdy as it is a combination of hard metals
  • Wide, anti-slip steps to ensure that upping and downing is safe
  • The S-shaped chains have electrostatic high-temperature spray, making the orange color long-lasting
  • The last tread of the ladder has rubber feet fitted on it to spare the floor from scratches


  • Relatively, its price is a little chilly

Key Features of Defrigus Remote Control Attic Ladder

  • Electric

The operational mechanism for this unit makes it an auto ladder. It comes with a remote, a motor, and a control box. There’s absolutely no pull-down, drop-down or pull-out business. A press of a button and then, voila! The ladder comes down to you. For me, this feature sets it out as a worthy contender for the best attic ladder award.

  • Use Riveted Connections

These connections are similar to those that hold together the Eiffel Tower (the Parisian wonder of the world). They strengthen its structure. Eventually, you get a robust unit that can hold you up without wobbling or wavering.

Apart from sturdiness, the connections guarantee the unit’s durability.

  • Scissor-style

The manufacturer, the Chinese Zhengzhou, throws S-shaped chains on the ladder, bringing out a scissor-style item impressive to the eye.

Other amazing features of the automatic ladder can be found here.

What Buyers Say

On the attic ladder reviews, the unit gets lauded because of its electronic operational mechanism. Who wouldn’t love a ladder that comes down like an airplane’s cabin door? I know I would.

Also, it has strong titanium-magnesium, carbon-steel, and aluminum-magnesium alloy chains that hold its deep steps. This intense combination of metals makes it clear that the ladder is out to hold a lot of weight.

Most recent buyers ratings are available here.

Why it stands out to me

Everything is automated in this day and age, and I would be delighted to go into my attic in electronic style. The unit, being an automatic ladder lift, stands out against the rest, and cornily speaking, takes my breath away.

Now, what if your electricity got cut? Would the unit become accessible? Yes, it would! Its door has a ring-pull, and it comes with a hooked pole. When the lights are out, and you need to access the attic, you push the hooked-end of the pole into the ring-pull, rotate it, and open the ladder.

Read more of it’s stunning features here.

Who will find it most useful

If you want to improve the aesthetic value of your home, take this unit without faltering. People love this unit because of its weight load capacity, which is at an incredible maximum of 660lbs. That’s like twice the weight capacity of the average ladder! For safety, though, work around the 440lb mark.

For anyone who would find it inconveniencing to operate an extension ladder, this one is for you.

Also, if you need to replace an existing staircase with a unit that saves space, go for this small space attic ladder.

Get it now from here and kiss goodbye to the wobbly attic stairs.

Final verdict

Forget its price tag – this unit is the best attic access ladder. As a telescopic attic ladder, this item is an embodiment of what all ladders should have – solidity and steadiness, durability, operational convenience and safety, and a sense of style. If a 161lbs can bring all those qualities with it and a load capacity three times its weight, I wouldn’t mind completing the payment. You, too, shouldn’t.

See buying options here.

Installation Tips

In all likelihood, the unit comes with a manual. You can always request the video by emailing the seller. The video will help you to see the ladder in action.

Professional handymen charge an average of $414 to fit the ladder. You decide whether you will throw in more money on the stairs or take the installation up as a DIY.

The installation is quite easy, and you can complete it using a spanner. You need to insert a small pole that comes with the unit into the keyhole. Then, fix the pole with a pin. Follow by fastening the nuts on the four corners of the rough opening. Place the ladder on the attic hatch using a rope (it’s quite heavy). Lastly, put the plate on the bolt and fix the nut with a spanner.

FAQ of Defrigus Remote Control Attic Ladder

Best Compact Attic Ladder

Werner Attic Ladder AA1510B Review

Best Light Weight Attic Ladder Small Space Attic Ladder Small Attic Ladder Werner Adjustable Attic Ladder

This aluminum, small space attic ladder is the lightest of them all, weighing around 15 pounds. No other ladder achieves the same access purpose in tight spaces as this one does. And unlike many of the units listed here, the ladder doesn’t attach to its door. When closed, it rests on the floor of the attic. Here are some of its features:


  • Lightweight therefore easy to stow and retrieve
  • Fits attic ladders small openings, making it the ideal unit for tight spaces
  • The steps have plastic ends saving your floor from scratches
  • Compact taking little space on the attic floor
  • It comes with a pole, making opening and closing easy


  • It is narrow, and many not accommodate ‘bigger’ people
  • The plastic lock is flimsy and tends to loosen up, especially during hot weather

Key Features of Werner Attic Ladder AA1510B

  • Small Openings

Being 14 (L), 8.3 (W), and 52.6 (H) inches, you can install this unit in the smallest of spaces. This feature saves you the trouble of having to make adjustments to the attic ladder rough opening.

  • Easy to Install

The unit comes with L-shaped brackets to ensure that you don’t sweat while fitting it.

  • Nonmarring steps

Werner has made the ladder’s steps in a way that they avoid scratching your floor.

  • Lightweight

The sheer weight of this ladder shouldn’t even amaze you. If you compare that to its load capacity, you realize that the unit can hold at least sixteen times its weight! That should be the eighth wonder of the world.

I couldn’t cover all the features of this popular attic stair. You can check and compare specs and features here.

What Buyers Say

The fact about this unit penetrating tight spaces makes customers appreciate it. Stowing and retrieving the ladder is easy, thanks to the pole that comes with it. When stowed, the ladder stays compact, and when retrieved, the ladder works like extension ladders (telescopically).

Werner sets the unit’s maximum weight load at 250lbs, but we all know it’s not perfect. A believable figure could be 210lbs, which becomes a disadvantage because going up and down will make you feel apprehensive.

Recent buyer’s ratings and reviews here.

Who will find it most useful

If the access point to your attic is a scuttle hatch, this item best works for you. People with limited access to their attics say that it is rare to find such a unit. Also, the ladder is great for closets, hallways, garage, and tight spaces.

Final verdict

My scuttle hatch and I wouldn’t think twice before placing an order for this unit. The unit is rather sturdy and is probably the easiest to operate. Aluminum is one of the hardest metals, meaning that the ladder will remain robust for a long time. For something metallic, this ladder is reasonably priced. So, are we buying this one or what? Yes, you can get it online from here.

Installation Tips

Although Werner provides a user manual (download here) and a video guide, you would need some decent handyman skills to complete the installation. If you go pro, the expert could charge you something around $420. If you are a DIY expert, you may take around ninety minutes to complete the job.

The user manual has its limitedness, so watch the video twice – before and during installation.

FAQ of Werner Attic Ladder AA1510B

Best Folding Attic Ladder

Werner Attic Ladder AH2510 Review

Best Light Weight Attic Ladder Small Space Attic Ladder Small Attic Ladder Accordion Attic Ladder Metal Folding Loft Ladder Best Folding Attic Stair

This Werner model is a lightweight folding attic stair that has a plywood door. The ladder is of aluminum material, and it comes with rubber bottoms. With industrial performance, the ladder’s door swings at a clearance of 70 inches.


  • It comes with gas struts to improve the operations, making opening and closing easy
  • Lightweight, easy to fold and unfold
  • Easy to install
  • It has an impressive, Hulk-like load capacity, holding you up without wobbling
  • Takes care of wide rough openings


  • The treads are narrow, so you get limited legroom

Key Features of Werner Attic Ladder AH2510

  • Gas Struts

Instead of springs or coil-overs, the ladder uses struts which have better compression resistance. Also, the struts give the ladder stability, preventing it from wiggling.

  • Heavy-duty

This unit is one of the few that support a maximum load capacity of 375lbs. The figure is around seven times its weight, which is quite reasonable. This detail ensures that the unit remains toughened every time someone uses it.

  • Fits Wide Rough Opening

The unit accommodates 25 X 54, giving you more body room as you enter your attic. Also, there not as many choices that can take care of the dimensions.

  • Adjustable Feet

You can trim this aluminum Werner to fit ceiling heights of between 7ft8in and 10ft3inch.

Other features that I couldn’t cover are here.

What Buyers Say

Customers laud this folding attic step ladder as an excellent home improvement option. Also, it fits perfectly.

The only minuses are that the opening device is a rope, not the most convenient of means. Werner Ladder doesn’t offer a warranty for the unit, but they say that ‘they stand by their products’? Eyebrow-raising, right?

Read more about werner’s policy about this ladder here.

Why it stands out to me

The unit uses gas struts as the locking device – an improvement from springs. For me, this is a good move since it makes opening and closing easy for usage. Also, the struts are not noisy at all. I wouldn’t want some creaking noises – those would make me apprehensive even before I step on the ladder. A ladder should make me feel safe, and so should it for you.

Who will find it most useful

Attics with wider rough openings, wide than this unit’s dimensions, can take a few tweaks and enjoy the model. The ladder can serve garage attics well. Also, if you always get up the attic with your shoes, clothes, and anything else, the 375-lb duty rating of this ladder will serve you just right. It’s a convenient for online shoppers, you can order one from here now.

Final verdict

This ladder of the AH series may not be a magnificence, but it is worth every penny. When you make the purchase, you get a lightweight aluminum unit with one of the most robust arms in the ladder universe. In my opinion, all that matters is that a ladder holds you up without its hinges snapping and bringing you down. The price is alright for me, and it should be for you.

Installation Tips

This unit’s fitting needs at least two people. On top of an instructions manual (download here), the ladder comes with video instruction too.

Since this is a three-section ladder, at least 8ft and covers 25 X 54 openings, a pro may charge you anything around $534. If you see this as a DIY loft ladder, you’ll incur 56% less of $534, and that spending will be on parts and some equipment. I don’t expect you to buy a stepladder to install the ladder – that would be ridiculous.

Couldn’t pick one from my attic stairs reviews? Find some attic stairs inspirations here and make your own custom one.

An excellent, out-and-out ladder will get you up securely, hold you up with a strong arm, serve you for a long time, help control the house’s temperature, and will probably be good-looking. With the best attic ladder, you have safety, sturdiness, durability, insulation, and design all in one unit.

Step 1: Measure the Ceiling Height

You want to get attic stairs that cover your ceiling’s height. A ladder that can’t fit your height shouldn’t even make it to your options list. If your roof requires a 12 foot attic ladder, but you fail to find the perfect 12 attic ladder, the trouble would be unavoidable. You need to find the ideal attic stair to fit your conditions.

Step 2: Select the Operational Mechanism

How would you want to operate your ladder? This determinant is necessary since it dictates how convenient it will be for you to use the loft ladder. Attic stairs can either be electronically or manually (drop-down, pull down, or pull out) operated.

Step 3: Decide on the Materials

The substance that forms your ladder determines its longevity. I’m sure you want your attic stairs to last an eternity. The common materials used to make ladders are wood, aluminum, and steel. The chemistry of substances dictates that metals have stronger bonds, and therefore, they last longer compared to wood. However, you and I know that wood has some toughness of its own.

Step 4: Design Preference

Your ladder choice could improve your home’s décor, and that is why design is noteworthy. Some attic stairs borrow from the traditional (straight) staircase while others have artful conceptions, such as scissor-style ladders. Of course, a stylish ladder improves the aesthetic element of your home.

Step 5: Evaluate the Weight Load Capacity

How much weight can your ladder bear? Paying attention to this factor helps you get a ladder that can support as much weight as you want it to hold. So, will you go for a heavy-duty unit or what?

Step 6: Insulated or Not

Temperatures determine how comfortable the house will be. You should pay attention to the insulation detail of your attic ladder. It will say whether winters will be warm and summers chilled.

how to buy the best attic ladder-infographic

Now we’ll explore the types of attic, types of attic stairs, some background on attic ladder manufacturers and how to install attic ladders (DIY).

I’m about to answer the questions you need to know like, What Is The Best Attic Stair Insulation Method? What Is The Cost To Install An Attic Ladder? How Much Does It Cost To Install An Attic Staircase? What Is The Minimum Size For An Attic’s Access? and some more.

The space that connects your house to the outside world is the attic. During design and construction, it comes about when your roof slopes. A gentle slope means that the loft will be sizable, and the opposite is right. The two items that determine whether an attic is this or that type are insulation and access methods.

Depending on insulation, these types of attics arise:

  • Vented Attic

In standard homes, the vented attic is the most popular one, and many people are familiar with it. Vented attics have three different types of openings, which are:

  • Eave vents
  • These get fitted under or around your eaves to allow air to enter the attic. They are also known as soffit vents.

  • Ridge vents
  • Which get installed into the peak of the roof. When hot air fills the attic, the ridge vents are their passage to the outside.

  • Gable-end vents
  • These are louvered. They sit below the peak of the roof – on the house’s sides. These vents are the classic insulation style, so many modern homes do not have them.

Attics may or may not have duct systems. The systems are a reinforcement for the openings, taking care of hotter-than-hot temperatures.

  • Unvented Attic

As opposed to the vented attic, this type lacks openings/ducts. Instead, it relies on insulation applied on the inside walls of the attic (the roof’s underside). The insulation prevents heat-repelling air in the attic from being infiltrated. Also, it stops humid air from penetrating the attic’s walls and settling in its space.

Depending on access methods, these types of attics arise:

  • Scuttle Attic

Many older houses have a small hole that opens to the loft. The opening, which usually sits on the ceiling, is the only entry point to the attic. Because of those access dynamics, the scuttle attic arises. To get it more clearly, try contrasting this type with others that have proper and established access areas such as a staircase.

Accessing them requires the use of pull-down attic ladders, which come in different materials, design, insulation detail, and weight capacity.

  • Staircase Attic

You gain access to these attics using permanent stairs, which are mostly wooden. The installation of a staircase requires an entire carpentry job, unlike the one with scuttle attic, which needs purchase, installation, and immediate operation.

Here’s a video to help you understand your attic and how to inspect the attic:

Know your attic better, here’s my Attic 101 blog for you.

  • Pull Down Attic Ladder

They are named so because of their operational mechanism. To use a pull-down ladder, you need to open the attic’s door and then pull it down so that it drops. Once it rests on the floor, you can now climb up and access the attic. Most of these stairs unfold when they open and fold when they close. My Recommended pull down attic ladder is, Louisville Elite AA2210 which is one of the best attic step ladders.

  • Single-stringer Attic Ladder

This drop-down type does not fold, and you can liken it to a standard staircase. You usually store part of the ladder over the attic door’s panel and other portions of the attic floor.
To use a single-stringer ladder, you need to slide it down through the hatch. Its height is fixed and is not adjustable. Their construction style makes them heavy-duty like standard staircases, having a weight load capacity of up to 800lbs. They can serve both residential and commercial buildings. Bessler makes some good single stringer attic ladders.

  • Compact Attic Ladder

You should know that these ladders take very little space when you close and stow them away. A telescopic or a drop-down ladder can be compact, so this is a secondary classification. Werner Attic Ladder AA1510B is a cool compact ladder option.

  • Fire-rated Attic Ladder

They get tested for fire resistance and are therefore fireproof. Most of them are metallic, but it’s not a surprise to find a wooden one. This type works well in areas where fire outbreaks are a problem, and they also serve residential garages well. Their hinges are usually heavy-duty. The fire resistance gets marked by minutes, and the more minutes labeled on t/it, the more expensive it is. FAKRO LSF 66859 is an example of fire rated attic ladder and my recommended one.

  • Telescopic Ladder

Do you know how a telescope works? You usually draw it out all the sections at different points. Telescopic ladders work well in houses where the attic has small rough openings. Also, they serve tight spaces, closets, and hallways even better. Youngman 301001 is one of the best telescopic attic ladders.

  • Automatic Attic Ladder

They come with remote controls, control units, and electromechanical actuators. The items save you the need to pull or drop the ladder down yourself. Talk about class! Check Defrigus Remote Control Attic Ladder for better understanding.

  • High-Ceiling Attic Ladder

They cover rare ceiling heights of up to 10 ft to 12 feet. Manufacturers make them sturdy and heavy-duty since their incline steeply. Louisville AL228P can be a good option for 12 foot attic ladder. It can also be your desired 10 ft attic ladder after some minor adjustments.

Louisville Ladder

For at least seventy years, Louisville Ladder has made its mark on the home improvement sector. The Elite and Big Boy brands of this manufacturer have gotten a good reception from customers.

Customers celebrate the sturdiness that this brand possesses. The manufacturer achieves this robustness by using tough hinge work. Also, its full and treaded steps are a plus for clients.

Here are some of the best attic stairs that Louisville Ladder produces:

  • Louisville Big Boy
  • Louisville Elite
  • Louisville Champion
  • Louisville Everest
  • Louisville Premium

These specialized brands are either wooden or aluminum, and the load capacity is between 250 and 375 pounds.

ouisville Ladder ladders are something else – while they are lightweight units, they have sizeable weight load capacities. Let me make this hit the spot – imagine a little kid being able to carry a fully-grown man. That’s a Louisville Ladder for you.

FAKRO Ladder

This Polish brand is one of the youngest in the market. They provide safe-and-easy access to attics while saving you the trouble of going for expensive and space-consuming staircases.

Customers are in love with FAKRO because:

  • Their ladders are compact, thus needing little operation and storage space.
  • The units are easy to install and operate. The installation of most FAKRO units can be a DIY project. They come pre-assembled and need little or no pre-installation undertaking.
  • The ladders come with a warranty of at least 2-years. That’s a lot of time for any customer to try the units risk-free.
  • The manufacturer avails some additional accessories to make sure that comfort is at its maximum. They are as follows:

So, what type of attic stairs does FAKRO manufacture?

  • Wooden pull-out ladders
  • Metal ladders (both folding and scissor-style units)
  • Fire-rated ladders (both timber and non-timber types)

The one thing that makes FAKRO is that almost all its ladders are insulated. The R-value for all the ladders is at least 5, ensuring that the attic hatch is airtight and, therefore, creates a temperature balance.

Werner Ladder

This brand is one of the world’s leaders in delivering climbing equipment. The units that Werner manufactures either have advanced, professional, or industrial performance. Also, the brand focuses on user safety during engineering and manufacturing of its units.

Customers go for this brand because of their expertly-crafted ladders, which help them access their attics with very little trouble.

They manufacture ladders in the following two styles –

  • Folding Ladders
  • Telescoping Ladders

folding or telescoping.

Werner distinguishes its loft ladders in terms of performance, ceiling and project height, load capacity (250 – 275), and material (aluminum or wood). The brand goes further and assigns the ladder’s one, some or all of the notable features Werner Ladders:

  • Compactness
  • lightweight
  • Having deep and satisfying platforms

What makes Werner unique is that they focus on penetrating tight spaces, something that other brands don’t. If your attic access point is a scuttle hatch, Wernerco is at your service.

Youngman Ladder

How is this Youngman so old? I mean, 1926 is its year of birth! Well, this brand has been aging like fine wine and has one of the best attic stairs.

When stowed away, customers love that the units of this brand take little footprint. Also, they laud its compactness and, well, sense of style. Any Youngman purchase you make is likely to have little or no niggles.

Here are the categories for Youngman’s best loft ladders:

  • Two or three-section (or folding ) ladders (aluminum and timber)
  • Aluminum telescopic-style units

The three things that make Youngman exceptional are style, style, and style. Look at their telescopic loft ladder – it uses the automatic lock-and-release technology. Undoubtedly, this young man knows how to elevate you in a sophisticated.

More on ladder brands and their history here.

Step 1: Locate the access point area

While some houses have hatches cut into the ceiling, others don’t, and you may need to make the opening manually. As you make this step, be sure that the access point’s dimensions fit the attic’s hatch dimensions well enough. The IRC standard of an attic access point is 22 by 30 inches, but the typical detail is 25 by 55 inches.

Step 2: Position the ladder

You should use documentation or video guides that come with your unit. Generally, you will need to use support boards to rest the ladder on the hatch temporarily.

Step 3: Attach the ladder

You need to secure the ladder in the hatch by drilling it using screws. Until you finish the attachment, the ladder should remain closed.

Step 4: Adjust the ladder

Pull out the ladder, stretch it out completely, and make a mark where you’ll need to adjust.

Now, your ladder should ready to use. As you take in these steps, make sure you use what the manufacturer provides as it is the best guide. Others may include adding floor pads if they come with the unit.

Step five can be adding insulation, but this is relative. If you purchased an insulated ladder, no need to take this step. If you didn’t, here are some options that you can explore:

  • Using self-adhesive strips (weatherstripping)
  • Using foam insulation to cover the door’s panel

That’s it. When you get done, you’ll say that the installation was long overdue.
Now, enjoy the ups and downs!

If you are looking to install one of the attic ladders I mentioned above then use this guide.

Other Resources:

What is the Best Attic Stair Insulation Method?

To insulate is to add a covering to an item. Then, the cover acts as a barrier, keeping heat from transferring to the side where you least need it. The effectiveness of the insulation depends on its material of make.

With attics and insulation, the item of focus is the attic’s door. What they call an insulated ladder is no more than a ladder with an insulated door.

Insulating attic ladders means making sure that you tightly seal its opening. This move improves the rooms’ comfort below the attic, and at large, the house’s temperature.

how attic insulation works to intact the heat inside and save energy
How attic insulation works to intact the heat inside and save energy (source)

Going for attic ladder insulation will make the access unit is energy efficient, mainly. Other reasons why insulating your attic ladder is crucial are:

  • Insulation improves your house’s comfort levels

    it helps winters become warmer and summers to become air-cool. It helps control the heat-loss and heat-gain level, making sure that the house doesn’t feel like the Iranian Lut Desert (the earth’s hottest point) at some times and Antarctica at other times.

  • Insulation acts as a pest-control measure

    a sealed attic door means that no house mice, roof rats, or raccoons will appear unannounced during Thanksgiving. Since pests love places with moisture, you need to beef up the attic ladder’s insulation with a vent system.

  • Insulation helps protecting the ladder

    moisture inside the house usually goes up, and most of it may settle on the uninsulated access unit. Moisture weakens the ladder and reduces its longevity. Getting insulation keeps your ladder alive for a couple of eternities, therefore protecting the investment.

  • Insulation keeps your house energy efficient

    When it gets hotter or colder than usual, and many people go for costly air-conditioning systems. They ignore the fact that insulating the attic access unit can help them achieve the same goal in an energy-efficient way. Insulating keeps you on the right side of energy efficiency while saving you money.

Here’s how you make your choice on the best-insulated attic ladder:

  • Check whether the ladder’s door is tight-fitting. When closed, a door without ‘unwanted’ spaces may encourage air and moisture leaks. An airtight door ensures that hot or cold air where you need it.
  • Ascertain that an insulation cover comes with the unit. This cover improves the house’s HVAC efficiency. Well-known materials that manufacturers use to make insulation covers are fiberglass and aluminum. The covers are usually reflective, and they help the ladder to save on energy, taking account of radiant heat.

So, an attic ladder is properly insulated if its door is airtight, and it has an insulation cover. If your attic’s opening is improperly insulated, try these:

  • Do weatherstripping, which is making the door tight-fitting to prevent air leaks. Here, you use materials such as self-adhesive strips.
  • Install an attic stairway tent. Since most doors don’t come with insulation covers, get yourself an attic tent to take care of reflective heat.

The best-insulated attic ladder on the market now is Fakro LWP 66804.

If a ladder has an R-value assigned to it, it is an insulated one. This model has an R-value of 5.9, with an insulation thickness of 1⅛ inches. Quite thick, right? Specifically, the insulation is of impenetrable mechanical seals (or gaskets) that fit the boards’ space. The gaskets create a buffer zone that prevents or promotes heat loss, depending on the weather conditions.

What is the cost to install an attic ladder?

An attic ladder’s installation may cost you more or less, depending on whether you are doing it as a DIY project or you have hired a professional handyman, a carpenter, or a general contractor to do the job. On average, the installation will cost you something between $220 and $645. This bracket is inclusive of labor, the parts, and the ladder itself.

Excluding the ladder’s purchase, the items that affect the cost of installation include:

  • The Ladder’s Material of make

installing a wooden ladder is less expensive than an aluminum or a steel one. For wooden ladders, the installation cost may change depending on the specific type, such as plywood, pinewood, etc.

  • The Situation of the Attic’s Hatch

Sometimes, the ladder may be too small or too big for the opening. If the space is limited, you may need to pay the professional to make structural adjustments to the hole. If it is too big, you may need a couple of square feet of trims, costing about $3.50/linear foot.

  • Location

The cost of labor and materials varies from state to state, probably because of regulations.

Here are three relevant questions you should ask a contractor before hiring them:

  • Do you have a license?

Depending on the state, the handyman’s or contractor’s job may need operations licensing. If they say yes, ask to see it and take your time to determine its validity.

  • Do you have client referees?

This question probes the so-called experienced professionals to open up about their work history. Ask to contact any of their previous clients and ask about the quality of the job. If you see hesitancy of some sort, that should be a red flag for someone who will probably mess up your ladder.

  • Do you have third-party (or liability) insurance?

I’m sure that you only want the ladder installed – that’s all. No need to take the installation to a courtroom, where Judge Judy will give judgment to the plaintiff and ask you to pay for the injuries sustained by the handyman.

Items that would suddenly increase the installation’s price (or hidden costs) include:

  • Removing the existing staircase or ladder
  • Needing to create access to the attic, such as cutting a ceiling or a wall open.
  • Modifying piping, air ducts, and wiring, if they affect the installation.
  • Painting the door – this requires the purchase of paints, paintbrushes, etc.

How much does it Cost to Install an Attic Staircase?

Going for an attic staircase would get you spending at least $2000. This cost covers the price of wooden treads, handrails, relevant tools, and labor. The price changes with change in any of the following items:

  • The Material Making the Treads/Steps

wooden steps are the cheapest, with a step costing between $36 and $51. Other options are concrete ($300), metal ($196), carpet ($15 – 25), or stone ($250).

  • The Staircase Design

Staircases come in different styles, and the one you choose ups or downs the installation cost. Some of the designs are straight, curved, spiral/winder, and landing mid-stair. Also, the staircase may have a single or double railing, or no railing at all (but include a handrail).

  • Additional Supplies

Items like ball caps, Georgian pine spindles, and turned posts will make you spend around 10% more.

  • Nature of Labor

In some situations, the carpenter would need to adjust the structure of the house to create a stairwell. If your project is of that complex, you may need to pay extra.

Labor takes the larger share of the cost, so if you’re experienced and can take up the installation as a DIY project, go for it. What you should know is that it’s not a job to take with little seriousness—although costly, getting a pro to do it means that you’ll get a good job done and won’t stress.

What is the Minimum Size for an Attic’s Access?

You probably know the attic access panel as the hatch. It is the space where the attic ladder and its door fits. Also, it is the gateway to the inside of your attic.

The attic access panel helps you to know the insulation value of your house. Also, its air-tightness prevents non-human creatures from entering the house, which I believe, is for invites only.

The International Residential Code dictates that the attic access opening shall be 30 inches long (or high). Also, it spells out an area of at least 30 ft. After doing a little math, I see that the minimum size is 30 by 12 (inches) or 2.5 by 1 (feet).

The code also mentions that the rough opening dimensions should at least be 22 by 30 inches. The dimensions are the same if the rough opening is in a readily-accessible place, a wall, or a hallway. The IRC is either used or adopted in the U. S. Virgin Islands, D. C., and 49 states.

Of importance is this – 30 inches is the mark for the least possible unobstructed space if the attic in the ceiling. It means that there should be at least 2½ feet of vertical space before you hit your head on the roof.

What are the factors you use to decide the size of the attic and its access point?

  • Finished Space

How finished (or habitable) an attic will determine the size and type of its access point. It is likely to find a staircase leading you to a finished attic than an unfinished one. Unusable and abandoned lofts have smaller access points, like scuttle hatches.

  • Air-Sealing Purposes

Sometimes, it could be a necessity for you to access the attic to ensure that there is proper airflow. If this is the case, the access point needs to be of sizeable dimensions, where you can pass through.

  • Storage

If you use your attic as a frequent storage point, its access panel should be long and wide enough to accommodate you and the item you are carrying. If you use some other storage space, say the garage, the attic access can, at most, be a small hatch.

Last Words

Now that you didn’t hang up on me, I’ve opened you to the best attic stairs in the market. From the material of make to weight capacity, level of endurance, the convenience of installation, style, and quality of design, and ceiling height advantage, you have seen it all.

I’m sure that you know the best attic ladder here, so leave a comment telling me which of these top rated attic ladders you like most.

Of the many things to take away from here, you remember that the ladder you pick should fit with your attic ladder rough opening. It may be stylish, high-ceiling, and nicely small, but if it doesn’t fit, it’s not for you. All other factors come second to that. If you think otherwise, challenge me in the comments section.

I believe that this article has deeply informed you and will play a big part in the purchase that you’re going to make. Since that is the case, share this post with many other homeowners like you. Let’s all get to greater heights together! Do you know how to choose the best attic windows? Here’s my guide on that. Looking for ideas to get the most out of your attic? Here’s how you can convert your attic into a storage room and here’s my top 10 ideas to make the most out of your attic.

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