Building a game room in your house is not easy. You have to consider space and room ambiance to ensure comfort. If you are blanking out on ideas, try using the attic. With these best attic game room ideas, you can easily pull this off.

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make room for friends in your attic game room

Gaming is more fun with friends. If you are building an attic game room, consider them in the mix. You could get inspiration from this post by SetupWarriors. With a couch and a few futons, you can enjoy team games all the time.

Image source: SetupWarriors

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luminous shelves for your stylish attic game room

There is nothing more stylish than luminous shelves. By following this idea from HighTechDiffusion, your efforts will surely pay off. You can highlight your games and collectibles with this. The stylish blue lights could also serve as mood lighting.

Image source: HighTechDiffusion


invest in a high-quality monitor for your stylish attic game room

Erik Kruszewski promoted another perfect addition to a gaming room. By getting a good monitor, you will enjoy your games more. It will also improve the experience and the game’s resolution. Lastly, it will make your attic game room much more sophisticated.

Image source: Erik Kruszewski


highlight your collectibles in your attic game room

Collectibles are proof that you are a long time gamer. With this idea from Shop for Gamers, you can highlight them effectively. You can start by getting a shelf with interior lights. That will show your proud possessions discreetly.

Image source: Shop for Gamers

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go all out for your attic game room

Go simple with the room design and invest in your equipment. Just look at how fancydecors promoted this setup. It did not even matter that the room was white, and the only addition is backlighting. The gaming setup proves its power just by the looks.

Image source: fancydecors


build a controller organizer for your attic game room

If a wall mount is not your safe option, try a simple organizer. You can get inspiration from Erik Kruszewski’s post. An organizer keeps them secure when you are not using them. This way, you can neatly store your controllers to avoid complications.

Image source: Erik Kruszewski


get a modern arcade for your attic game room

Arcade games are hard to get a hold of these days. However, Playstation posted this photo of a modern arcade machine. You can install it on your wall and enjoy classic game sessions. It also looks sophisticated in black and white.

Image source: Playstation

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install a wall mount in your attic game room

Game accessories are investments. This is why you need to take care of them. To do this, you can install a wall mount just like Tomasz Nowak. Now, you can easily organize your controllers and headphones.

Image source: Tomasz Nowak


imitate a classic sports bar in your attic game room

Who doesn’t love going to a sports bar, right? With this idea from, you can build one in your attic room. Just add a pool table and other traditional games for this. It is the perfect game room for sports enthusiasts.

Image source:


build a snack compartment in your attic game room

It may not look like it, but gaming is exhausting. That is why you need to learn a thing or two from Lauren Simmons. In this photo, you will see a DIY cabinet for food storage. You could also insert a mini-fridge in there to keep your drinks cold.

Image source: Lauren Simmons

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maximize the entire attic game room

You do not need a lot of things for your attic game room. Just take a look at this photo from Riya Moore Ideas. You can complete the room with a couch, a table, and a big tv. Also, add a bit of mood lighting to make things interesting.

Image source: Riya Moore Ideas


make your attic game room a space for adults

Game rooms are not for video games and teens alone. They are originally invented for traditional games. If you are into those things, check out Susan Reddick’s idea. Make your game room a space for adults so you can unwind with friends.

Image source: Susan Reddick

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keep the natural wood in your attic game room

Another idea by ddtruecraftsmen is for you to keep the natural wood. You do not have to go with modern norms. Keeping a few of the natural designs will brighten up your game room. It also reminds you of the outside world now and then.

Image source: ddtruecraftsmen


have enough lighting for your attic game room

Sufficient lighting is essential in every room. That includes the attic game room you are planning to build. This brilliant work by ddtruecraftsmen easily brightened up the room. You can use this for overhead lighting inspiration in your attic game room.

Image source: ddtruecraftsmen

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keep everything nearby in your attic game room

It is ideal for keeping everything nearby in your gaming room. Take a look at this sample from almostajillsandw1ch. The shelf is nearby, so everything is in reaching distance. It also makes your space look more private.

Image source: almostajillsandw1ch


use a projector in your attic game room

This photo from it_takes_two_diy proves that you don’t need a fancy screen. By using a projector, you can save a lot of money. Hang a sheet, add a few designs, and you’re good to go! You can even adjust its size whenever you want.

Image source: it_takes_two_diy


build a long shelf for your attic game room

It is not easy being a gamer. You have to think about the safety and placement of your games. Thanks to this idea by manvswood, there’s no need to worry anymore. Build a long shelf to organize your games in, and problem solved!

Image source: manvswood

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add fantastic artworks in your attic game room

The easiest way to spruce up walls is to add artworks. If your game room is dull, check out this photo from estifelder1. With a simple painting, space will feel much homier. Not to mention, it looks more classy.

Image source: estifelder1


show off your own attic game room color

Technology has allowed us to show off our colors. Thanks to modern lighting, you can improve your game room’s appearance. Just look at this fantastic sample from streamer_supply. They used the perfect combination of purple and blue lighting for the room.

Image source: streamer_supply


make it relaxing in your attic game room

The first step to a good game room is ensuring comfort. Take a look at this simple idea by darthschleder. Find your spot on TV, and place something comfortable there. You can use a soft chair, a couch, or go simple with a carpet.

Image source: darthschleder


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Last Words

Your game room is your haven. It is an expression of personality as a gamer. Consider these helpful ideas when you are designing this area. You can mix-and-match the best attic game room ideas to create the perfect attic game room. Need some more inspirations? Check out these ideas.

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