Your attic is the perfect space to store your clothes. It’s spacious enough for cabinets, drawers, and maybe a table or two. If you have an absurd amount of clothes, now is the time to start this project. Here are some of the best attic closet ideas to get you started.

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frosted glass partition for your attic closet

Nothing looks fancier than frosted glass! If you want a sophisticated cabinet, you can try I Dream I Can Fly’s idea. Use a sliding door or partition with frosted glass on it. Your attic closet will look so much neater.

Image Source: I Dream I Can Fly

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dark wooden shelves as your attic closet

Contrasting colors or materials can effectively style a room. Just take a look at this photo from Closet City. The dark shelves perfectly blended with the grey painted walls. It looks classy and efficient at the same time.

Image Source: Closet City


simple organizers as attic closet

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Sometimes, all you need are simple organizers to make your closet fancier. Just look at this example from Jennifer Huerta. Everything looks perfect just by neatly organizing clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

Image Source: Jennifer Huerta


slanted cabinets for your attic

You might have a hard time designing because of weird attic designs. Although it is difficult, Braylee Bedroom proved that it’s not impossible. You can build slanted cabinets to fit your clothes in. Build additional smaller cabinets for the tighter spaces.

Image Source: Braylee Bedroom

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plastic bins as your attic closet

One Kindesign does not quit when it comes to home designing. In this example, you will see an attic closet with plastic bins. Although cheap, this helps smaller items. Now, you can neatly organize your attic closet.

Image Source: One Kindesign


personalized dressing room as your attic closet

If you have a big attic, you could also use it as your dressing room. This makes it perfect for those who have careers lined with events and performing. If you are stuck with a plan, try One Kindesign’s idea. The place even looked lovelier thanks to the vanity mirror’s lights.

Image Source: One Kindesign


aesthetic wallpaper in your attic closet

Your attic closet’s walls can easily take attention from the rest of the room. To avoid negative comments, you can use aesthetic wallpapers. You can use One Kindesign’s idea for inspiration. By simply sticking these on your walls, your closet will look fancier.

Image Source: One Kindesign

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vanity mirror in your attic closet

Mirror, mirror on the wall, here is the finest of them all. See, it’s not that hard to be a real-life princess. All you need is a vanity mirror, and you’re good. Aside from the mirror are the hanging rods and multiple drawers too. This post by indeed shows what celebrity closets look like.

Image Source:


sophisticated dressing table for your attic closet

If refinement has a concrete image, then here it is. This closet idea by is what every girl could ever dream of. Polished the room with black and white color, the place is a trophy to look at. Proper lighting and multiple compartments will totally hook you in!

Image Source:


floating shelves as your attic closet

Floating shelves are versatile. They can be used for books, plants, or your clothes. They can serve a lot of things. This post by shows four-layer wooden shelves for closet ideas. If you think this works for you, then you should build that fantastic closet now!

Image Source:

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wall-mounted shoe racks for your attic

Elegance is a trend. If you want your closet to stand out, take this idea by videsigns. Wall-mounted shoe racks are the main attraction of this room. Display every bit of your collection to complete this look. Undoubtedly, your friends would be thrilled to see them too!

Image Source: videsigns


library style closet for your attic

Today, we are breaking traditions. Libraries are not just for books but for clothes too! Just look at this post by markaeclosets. The clean arrangement of white shelves will leave you breathless. Mini drawers are also attached. With this type of closet, you’ll surely have the capacity to arrange everything!

Image Source: markaeclosets


aesthetic hat hooks for your attic closet

It’s never too late to make an aesthetic room. As for mygeorgiahouse, it’s by putting hat hooks that you can make a lovely closet. Aside from a cabinet, you can use hooks to display items. It’s clean, useful, and handy.

Image Source: mygeorgiahouse

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receding design in your attic closet

Sloped ceiling designs are blessings in disguise. Look at how Natalia’s attic closet is assembled. The receding design of the organizers completes the whole look. There are hanging rods and multiple compartments too. The touch of white gives peace and serenity that envelops the room.

Image Source: Natalia


in wall compartments as your attic closet

Space-saving ideas are lifesavers too. This idea by davidvanderstel works best for tight spaces. By putting in-wall drawers, you are now free to arrange your stuff. As you can see, not just one but three drawers are installed. Plus, the white paint makes the whole room look sophisticated.

Image Source: davidvanderstel


be creative with tight spaces for your attic closet

Outsmart every situation through creativity! This post by melrosspace proves that no tight spaces can hinder you from organizing your clothes. This attic holds a white organizer and a hanging rod to secure valuables. The minimal white look makes the room neat and attractive.

Image Source: melrosspace

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separated sections for your attic closet

If you have a small attic, you can separate your compartments. Check out this idea from contouracloset. You can build a room for your cabinet and another for your drawers. You don’t have to put an extravagant design since efficiency is the key.

Image Source: contouracloset


fancy lighting in your attic closet

All you need is that one thing to make your closet classier. In this example, from essenseofclosets, that thing is fancy lighting. There are plenty of options to consider with these items. Inside the photo, you will see a chandelier-like accessory for the attic closet.

Image Source: essenseofclosets

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diy sliding doors for your attic closet

Sometimes, commercial sliding doors are too big for your attic closet. If this is your case, try .seven’s idea. Build a DIY sliding door to protect your precious clothes. You won’t even need expensive materials to do this.

Image Source: .seven’s


keep it bright in your attic closet

Fabulous closets have one thing in common: bright ambiance. Get inspiration from divine_design_decors’s idea. For each shelf, attach a modern lamp to have enough lighting. It would also help if you had a sunroof in your attic.

Image Source: divine_design_decors


Last Words

Building an attic closet is not a challenging task. You only need to find the right materials and mix them with patience. If you have a creative mind, try going for unusual and expressive designs. For a head start, remember to take note of these best attic closet ideas. Here‘s some more ideas for you.

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