Having a separate attic bedroom is logical these days. They can serve as your guest bedroom when your friends come over. If you still have a bare attic to work with, check out my handpicked 20 best attic bedroom ideas for inspiration.

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built-in storage for attic bedroom

You can do a lot of things with the space inside your walls. Having built-in storage is one of the best ideas so far. Here is a sample posted by Home Stories A to Z. Add a sliding door to the cabinet within, and your attic bedroom becomes more classy and efficient.

Image Source: Home Stories A to Z


unusual bed frame idea for attic

We do not even notice our bed frames most of the time. If you want a unique attic bedroom, try this idea out by Writer & Residence. In the photo, you will see that the frame resembles a box-like structure. Oddly, this adds style and class for the entire room.

Image Source: Writer & Residence


compressed spacing for attic bedroom

The beauty of compressed spacing is pleasing to the eyes. In this photo by Taylor Lynch, you will see perfectly placed items in the attic bedroom. If you want to utilize your tight spaces without getting cluttered, try this idea out. It’s simple and space-saving at the same time.

Image Source: Taylor Lynch


stylish curtains for attic bedroom

Natural lighting is good, but too much of it may cause discomfort. To balance things out, you can add curtains in your attic bedroom. In Kaye’s post, we can see a perfectly placed see-through curtain by the window. It dims the external light well and is quite stylish for the room itself.

Image Source: Kaye


half cabinets for attic bedroom

You can add more stuff in the tight spaces of your attic bedroom. Half cabinets are one of these. In this photo uploaded by Diana Seplak, you will see a well-placed cabinet under the sunroof. You can use half for your clothes, and the other one for smaller items.

Image Source: Diana Seplak


hanging rack for attic bedroom

Saving your space is essential for every bedroom. Instead of drawers, you can use hanging racks for your coats. Check out this photo from Monogami. The coat rack is conveniently placed on the wall beside the bed to maximize space.

Image Source: Monogami


fur-filling comforters for attic bedroom

Design is not the only thing you should take care of in your attic bedroom. Take a look at this post by Alana Adams. You will see that everything seems ordinary, except for the comforter. It is the eye-catcher in the room, and it provides more comfort.

Image Source: Alana Adams


a splash of white for attic bedroom

If you are not fond of natural wood, you can add a splash of white on it. Check out this idea from East Coast Creative. The texture would still be the same. The only difference is the color and style.

Image Source: East Coast Creative


keep it natural with wood in attic bedroom

Sometimes it’s best to stay on the natural side. You can do a lot even when you are using bare wood in your attic bedroom. Check out this post by Editions de l’Arkhan, for instance. Only a portion of the room is painted white, and the rest is varnished wood.

Image Source: Editions de l’Arkhan


utilize your rafters in attic bedroom

Rafters are essential parts of almost every attic. They provide support and aesthetics if appropriately used. In this post by Юлия, the attic’s rafters are used to hold the overhead lighting. With a little creativity, you can do more than that.

Image Source: Юлия

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fluffy carpet for attic bedroom

A bare attic bedroom floor might get your feet cold. If you hate this feeling, consider getting fluffy carpets. Check out this idea from Instagram user resinn. Adding this to your bedroom’s floor adds comfort and style.

Image Source: resinn


twin beds for attic bedroom

If the attic bedroom is for your kids, you can get twin beds. In this photo from ryandonnellydesign, you can see twin beds stacked on each side of the room. You will have more space when you do this. Also, your children will have more comfy nights.

Image Source: ryandonnellydesign


follow a theme for attic bedroom

Follow a specific theme before working on your attic bedroom. If you do this, the whole process will be more comfortable. Check out this photo from daggi_gonepaintin. Her bedroom follows a vintage theme with a modern twist.

Image Source: daggi_gonepaintin


fabulous pillows for attic bedroom

If you don’t like doing hard labor, you can go simple with pillows. Take a look at this photo from Instagram user fix_no_66. The walls are painted plainly, and the design falls on the accessories. Try this in your attic bedroom, and you will see a big difference.

Image Source: fix_no_66


brighten up your walls for attic bedroom

Your attic bedroom wall almost takes up the entire space. When you are designing the room, consider using this space. Take a look at this sample from Justine. By merely using wallpaper, you can add vibrance in your attic bedroom.

Image Source: Justine


relaxing artwork for attic bedroom

If woodworks are not your style, you can use artwork instead. In this photo uploaded by home_py_deco, you will see that the wall has a mural. It gives the room more elegance and style. Doing this will also make your attic bedroom more attractive.

Image Source: home_py_deco


amazing woodwork for attic bedroom

There are many things we can do with wood. If you get the right people, you can add a few designs on your wall. Check out this idea from Instagram user mybedroomgoals. The wall’s blue color and continuous design spruced up the entire attic bedroom.

Image Source: mybedroomgoals


mood lighting for attic bedroom

You can never go wrong with mood lighting. Instagram user my_homely_decor posted this idea for you to see. With a line of Christmas lights or continuous light bulbs, you will have enough for your attic bedroom. The mood lighting affects the room’s overall look and makes it more ambient.

Image Source: my_homely_decor


bright colors for attic bedroom

Having a dull attic bedroom is not enough. If you want to brighten things up, you can use light colors. This photo uploaded by motkovo shows a bed with yellow sheets. Some of the pillows are also colored this way to complement the entire look. Just take a look at this photo, and you will feel vibrant.

Image Source: motkovo

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minimalist setup for attic bedroom

You do not have to use complicated designs to make your attic bedroom look pleasing. Check out this post from Instagram user arcflydesign. With a combination of black and grey, your bedroom will look mesmerizing. Add a painting and background lighting, and you are good to go.

Image Source: arcflydesign

Last Word

There are plenty of things you can do in your attic bedroom, my best attic bedroom ideas are to inspire you. From different colors to unique innovations, it all depends on your creativity. Remember to take things slow so you will not ruin the entire process. Work on a bare attic first, and then add the necessary items you need.

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