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Attic stairs are one of the most neglected places inside our homes. We only use them for their purpose: our pathway to the attic. Still, if you want to make spice things up, add a few creative touches to these parts. Check out these unique attic stairs ideas that will inspire.

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retractable stairs

If you don’t want your attic stairs to be visible all the time, there’s a solution to that. Core77 posted this photo showing a staircase with foldable “scissor” steps. You can put it away when you are not using it, making it ideal for tight spaces. It is perfect to use this barefooted because the steel steps might be slippery.

Image Source: Core77


skeletal design

This design, posted by WebUrbanist shows another modern space-saving idea. Instead of building a whole frame, you can attach the steps on a single base. Your attic stairs will look cleaner, especially if you paint it with a plain color. Make sure to watch your steps while using it, though.

Image Source: WebUrbanist


attic stairs on the wall

This photo by Domozoom shows one of the most unique ideas you will see. Unlike most traditional attic stairs, this modern design promotes efficiency. The steps are built within the walls, making it a real space saver. You can also use white and black colors for a more subtle design.

Image Source: Domozoom


spiral staircase for attic

In this image posted by Robert Hughie, you will see a simple staircase designed in a spiral manner. This is a common sight in modern houses, and interior designers love them. You can use natural wood on the silver to keep it low key, especially if you have a white background.

Image Source: Robert Hughie


space saver attic stair

If you want to make your tight space more efficient, check out this idea from Loft Centre Products. The small paddle stairs will make each step worth it. Also, the black grills on the side will complete your attic staircase’s minimalist look.

Image Source: Loft Centre Products


criss-cross attic stairs

The criss-cross staircase style has been around for quite some time. Although some homeowners do not prefer it, it is still prevalent in modern architecture. This is why Bored Panda took the time to promote this. It gives a natural feel for your attic stairs, especially if you’re using hardwood.

Image Source: Bored Panda


paddle stairs for attic

Paddle stairs used to be a thing, and Jessica Demastus brought them back again. This type of staircase is also called a Ship’s Ladder Staircase. If you are a fan of the vintage look, you will love this design on your attic stairs.

Image Source: Jessica Demastus


pure color attic stair

Painting your attic stairs plainly may just be the trick you need. In this idea shown by Marcella Bradley, the staircase is painted in a plain white color. You could also add a small plant to add aesthetic. There’s no need to bother yourself with extra details, and it’s cheaper.

Image Source: Marcella Bradley

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LED lights for attic stair

Having enough lighting can make your trips to the attic easier. If you are planning to do this, take a look at Dan Ashbac’s idea. Dan showed LED lights underneath the glass steps of the staircase. These will brighten up your attic stairs a lot, especially at night.

Image Source: Dan Ashbac


Bookshelves as attic stairs

You can never go wrong with bookshelves underneath the stairs. Dump A Day came up with this design to maximize the efficiency of your attic stairs. Instead of getting a separate bookcase, you can do this instead. They also used a ship ladder theme, making the staircase look intimidating.

Image Source: Dump A Day


Natural Wood attic stair

Sometimes, you don’t even have to exert much effort. The geniuses from White Flower Farmhouse found a way to make natural wood look interesting. Keeping the vintage vibe, they built this staircase in a compressed manner to preserve its look. For the final touch, they furnished the word “LOVE” with scrap metal, adding aesthetic.

Image Source: White Flower Farmhouse


Fill in the Stair Spaces

Most attic staircases are designed with a lot of room underneath them. After you finish the stairs’ overall look, you can add more touches to the space below. She placed a church pew with a small pillow inside the tiny for Jenny’s attic stairs area. It certainly made the place look elegant and comfy.

Image Source: Jenny


Simplified Attic Ladders

If you have a ladder as your way to the attic, keeping it simple is the key. In this setup by Instagram user arden3x, he utilized his space by using a personalized ladder. You will have more room for your other stuff if you do this. Make sure to be careful, though, because this is not easy to use.

Image Source: arden3x


Contrasting Colors for attic stairs

Your colors are not required to blend all the time. Take a look at this project by the people from terracedhouseandlife. The bright shade of red contrasted the grey paint’s dullness, yet they still worked well together. If you want your attic stairs to be unique, consider using contrasting colors.

Image Source: terracedhouseandlife


Minimalist Details for attic stair

The answer you have been looking for may be right in front of you all along. With a plain background, you can improve your attic stairs’ looks by adding a few details. Dani posted this photo on Instagram, showing the features of her minimalistic stairs. With a set of DIY multi-colored flowers and a touch of leafy artworks on each step, you can do the same thing with yours.

Image Source: Dani


The Darker, the Better

If you are a fan of gothic architecture, painting a dark color on your attic stairs can improve its looks. Instagram user Ashleigh loves dark interiors, so she posted this photo of her classy design. This option is cheaper than most, and it looks more elegant.

Image Source: Ashleigh 


Long Fabrics for attic stairs

Sometimes, it is best to go simple. Ruth, an Interior Architect, went for the minimalist approach and added a rag on her attic stairs. Although some would say that it’s too dull, it certainly brings a touch of elegance. This is a good option if you are looking for cheaper solutions.

Image Source: Ruth


Surprise Entry

Surprise Entry for the attic stairs

You can never go wrong with the element of surprise. Caris and Sean from The Winterfield came up with this idea to hide their attic stairs. You have to add a door to this specific section simply, and that is it. Every time you go up, you won’t even notice that the attic stairs are just right there.

Image Source: The Winterfield


mood lighting for attic stairs

Instagram user Martina shared this photo of her DIY lighting setup. Instead of walking through a dull staircase, you can add minimal lighting to brighten up your mood. You can use Christmas lights and battery-powered or small candles for this effect. Additional items, such as a small ladder and a decorative vase, will also complete the look.

Image Source: Martina 


Hidden Cabinets in attic stairs

The bright minds from gruffarchitects came up with this idea to maximize space. Instead of building a separate shelf for small items, you can add drawers within your attic stairs’ steps. This will increase your home’s efficiency, and it is cheaper. You will also not have any problem since the drawers are hidden when you are using the stairs.

Image Source: gruffarchitects 

Last Word

These 20 attic stairs ideas will improve your home’s looks. If you are planning to spruce up your interior, start with the simpler ones. You do not have to make things complicated. Just make sure to take things slow and enjoy the overall process.

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