Attics are often used as storage spaces. Sometimes, we do not even notice that they are there. If you are one of the people who think this way, it is time to make a change. Here are 20 unique attic bathroom ideas to make your attic and home exceptional. Learn the best attic ladder buying hacks from a pro.


marble bathroom for attic

Marble will never let you down in bathroom design. Most interior designers prefer these over regular tiles, and it is clear why. In this post from, we can see a tightly woven attic bathroom. What makes it unique is the fantastic view inside the shower room. Marble tiles are eye-catching, which is why you should get them right away.

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simple attic bathroom

You do not have to spend a lot for the perfect attic bathroom. Much like Hippie Boho Gypsy, you can use accessories to spruce it up. Try buying smaller ones first like the lights, baskets, and potted plants. After that, you can move on to the bigger ones like the rag and furniture.

Image Source: Hippie Boho Gypsy


cool or mild colors for attic bathroom

Sometimes, your bathroom’s plain colors can do a lot. In Hometalk’s post, we can see a simply designed bathroom with an excellent color combination. It is painted with soft colors that are easy on the eyes. This factor makes it a reliable idea for redoing your attic bathroom.

Image Source: Hometalk


tiny attic bathroom ideas

Nobody likes a dark attic bathroom, especially kids. To make your attic bathroom look more pleasing, use multiple lighting. In this post from Karen Foster, the light blue color of the walls complemented the illumination. This makes the bathroom more relaxing and inviting.

Image Source: Karen Foster


attic bathroom plant ideas

If your attic bathroom looks dull, you can learn a thing or two from this post by Piotr Szutkowksi. A bathtub surrounded by potted plants will improve your relaxation. Also, natural wood increases vibrance around the room. These will make your bath sessions more pleasing.

Image Source: Piotr Szutkowksi


storage in attic bathoom

One efficient addition to your attic bathroom is a built-in organizer. You can store your toiletries in it to avoid unexpected messes. In this concept posted by This Old House, the organizer is stacked within the wall. You can save money and space by doing this.

Image Source: This Old House


aesthetic flooring for attic bathroom

One major attraction of attic bathrooms is their flooring. If your tiles are not pretty enough, you are not doing it right. Thanks to this post by Macarena Lopez-cepero, you will have an idea of what to do with it. You can go for simplistic and unique designs first to be safe.

Image Source: Macarena Lopez-cepero


natural wood attic bathroom idea

Natural wood always has a pleasing effect on the eyes. In this concept posted by Ralph Perishca, we can see that the attic bathroom is covered with these things. It gives a more straightforward look, but it is still sophisticated. Combine these with modern sinks and faucets, and you are good to go.

Image Source: Ralph Perishca


sunroof and smart light for attic bathroom idea

In an article posted by Homebuilding & Renovating, you will see this sample of a sunroof used for an attic bathroom. This is great for conserving energy. The natural light may also improve your mood and affect the bathroom’s overall ambiance.

Image Source: Homebuilding & Renovating


shelves in attic bathroom

Aside from looks, you have to consider efficiency too. In this fantastic idea posted by Reta Gottlieb, we can see a simple shelf built with natural wood. You can do this in your attic bathroom to have enough space for your towels. It is useful for holding clothes too.

Image Source: Reta Gottlieb


glass wall for attic bathroom

This is an excellent idea promoted by Instagram user Instead of placing a huge wall by your shower room, you can add a glass divider. This could add a lot of aesthetic points in the place. It can even make things “hotter” with your partner.

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spicy attic bathroom idea

Fair warning, this bathroom type is not for everyone. If you have a daring attitude, then this photo from casachintoan may fit you well. The attic bathroom is not hidden at all, with a removable divider blocking the bed’s view. This is an excellent design if you want to spice things up in your home.

Image Source: casachintoan


simple bathroom idea for sloped tiny attic

Checkered tiles may seem cliche for some people, but Chris Myers thinks differently. She completed her bathroom’s look with these black and white tiles. Her bathtub also has the same colors, and the floral designs on the ceiling fit everything. If you want to go simple for your attic bathroom, this is the inspiration you are looking for.

Image Source: Chris Myers


best attic bathroom idea

If you are not a big person, you can take advantage of a compressed bathtub. Mother-daughter duo Vicki and Jenn from 2beesinapod came up with this idea to maximize space. Instead of placing a big tub in your attic bathroom, you can do this and enjoy your “me times”.

Image Source: 2beesinapod


twin sinks for attic bathroom

Living with a partner is always fun. With this amazing design from jkath_designbuild, you will have more quality times with your loved one. Having twin sinks in your attic bathroom may even improve your relationship. If you want to be closer, do it literally with these in your attic bathroom.

Image Source: jkath_designbuild


minimalist attic bathroom idea

Even though it’s a small room, you can still do a lot with your attic. Instagram user therehablife found a creative way to use their space. Just a few steps from their bed lies their elegant attic bathroom. It features a sliding door, dirty white tiles, and a black shower knob and head.

Image Source: therehablife 


classy attic bathroom idea

Despite the small space, you can still make your attic bathroom classier. This photo from anyoninteriordesign promotes a sophisticated look. The black brick walls have a continuous design, making the shower space neater. The two lamps also provide a vintage feel that completes the overall look.

Image Source: anyoninteriordesign


artwork for attic bathroom idea

Your living room is not the only place you can put art in. If you want to make your attic bathroom look elegant, check out this idea by beginninginthemiddle. Instead of a plain wall behind your mirror, you can draw or paint over it. You could also place smaller artworks beside the mirror to make the room more alive.

Image Source: beginninginthemiddle


decorative tiles for attic bathroom idea

Most of your bathroom space is filled with tiles. This is why in homeasy .bathroom’s idea, you will see a unique combination of these. You do not have to pick a uniformed design. Just make sure that they will look good together, and your attic bathroom will improve.

Image Source: homeasy .bathroom


best tiny attic bathroom idea

With this excellent idea from tatertotsandjello, you will have all the space you need. There is even enough room for both a shower and a bathtub. You can also add a chandelier in the middle of the room for class. Just stay determined, and you can do more than these with your own attic bathroom.

Image Source: tatertotsandjello

Last Word

Redesigning your attic to be a bathroom takes a lot of work. Of course, this is only possible if you have three things in mind. You should have patience, creativity, and these 20 unique attic bathroom ideas. Thanks to these concepts, your attic will get the treatment it deserves.

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